ASUPD’s cycle of dysfunctional supervision, and how it destroyed the department’s morale, retention, and ability to function


A lot of the problems regarding morale have been very deeply entrenched into the culture at ASUPD. Personal issues that were once limited to a small clique of people quickly morphed into a pervasive, department-wide disease once the problem employees were promoted. The promoted person taught his/her twisted working “style” to their subordinates who viewed it as an acceptable way to treat other employees. Once those people were promoted, the entire cycle repeated itself.

Understanding this dynamic is crucial to solving the department’s problems because until the root causes are removed, no amount of superficial changes will be able to slow the mass exodus from ASUPD. Ignoring the reality of this dynamic by attempting to “retrain” problem employees will only slow–not stop–this cycle of dysfunctional behavior.

For example, in the memo below, problem people within ASUPD’s FTO program were identified as early as 2004, yet these individuals were both allowed to act without consequence and were also later promoted (The person in the memorandum is now currently a Commander).

Memo on hostile supervisors and trainers

The memorandum supports the “cycle of dysfunctional supervision” theory  because it highlights a few individuals engaging in unacceptable behavior, unchecked, who later passed on their working “style” to their subordinates once they became supervisors.

For  any long-lasting and substantial change to take foothold at ASUPD, both ASU’s administrators and HR must finally come to terms with the notion that problem people at the department must be removed–not retrained, assigned to alternate duty, or given another position in the university. However, given Kevin Salcido’s track recording of dealing (or rather, failing to deal with) problem employees, we forsee the endless cycle of dysfunction continuing to run ASUPD into the ground.


Brilliant article from Squadron 161

I have just came across a brilliant article on the 161 Crew’s website ( written by someone from Squadron 161 (Polish anti-fascists group in the U.K. – I will post a section of it here: (Full article:


The question for communists, then, is not kicking the “Nazis out of Tottenham”, but one of long-term integration of migrants into the local working class. At first, this might well involve small acts of outreach. For instance, although not really in need of such concessions myself, I was nonetheless charmed to receive a letter from the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition that outlined in Polish why I should give Tusc my vote in the May local elections: because I live in one of the most austerity-stricken boroughs of London, and because my interests do not essentially differ from those of native working class people. Naturally, this project also involves countering the myths, half-truths and carefully cultivated notion of victimhood disseminated by the nationalist intelligentsia of Patriae Fidelis from its comfortable Chiswick headquarters. It is divisive poison that runs directly counter to the real interests of Polish workers both at home and abroad.

UAF’s continued advocacy of multiculturalism – the cross-class politics of celebrating difference and looking to ‘community leaders’ to represent their flock along ethnic lines – will not do the trick. Readers may be surprised to learn that the UAF London demonstration for UN Anti-Racism Day 2014 was joined by Patriae Fidelis chair Jerzy Byczynski, who took to the platform to speak out against “totalitarianism”, “extremism” and discrimination against Poles.19 And indeed what the would-be community leaders of Patriae Fidelis officially stated in response to the Tottenham attack heavily draws on multiculturalist arguments: “This generation of children … living in the UK suffers even more than their peers in Poland. This is because there is still no Polish youth sports teams, Polish theatre groups, Polish libraries. Poles in the UK are still very atomised, which mostly affects children … Poles in the UK must start to unite. Let’s create Polish cultural groups in every district in the same way that Jewish, Turkish and Kurdish minorities did in the UK … We already have proven patterns of how to take care of our minority: let’s use them.”

What we really need is working class theatre groups, working class cultural societies, working class papers, working class libraries and a working class political party that represents the interests of all workers internationally – regardless of ethnicity, nationality or passport. Not to mention working class boots kicking the pampered behinds of Patriae Fidelis.”

Travel Info for the Week

There will be a minibus making journeys to and from the camp during the week. For more info call: 07774408401

If you are trying to get to the camp from Newport City center, take the 30, 34, 35 or 36 bus to Tredegar Park, the Camp is beyond the playground.


Travel Info for the Week

There will be a minibus making journeys to and from the camp during the week. For more info call: 07774408401 If you are trying to get to the camp from Newport City center, take the 30, 34, 35 or 36 bus to Tredegar Park, the Camp is beyond the playground.

Despite what it might say on the camp website (which may not have been updated more recently than this page!) we are not near running out of space for accommodation, so come down and join the party.

See this post for some more details on the public transport.

Winning glory on today’s battlefield: The Modern Mind

Renault’s excellent book The Persian Boy shows the difficulty of learning, and of teaching. Both would probably be easier if our society understood what it takes to teach a person a useful and neccesary skill from start to finish. Hence my proposal for a modern universal
Adult Rite of Passage. What we need our children to prove, upon recognition of adulthood, is not their prowess in battle or the hunt, not their virility, not their adeptness at social maneuvering, but their ability to contribute meaningfully to society by teaching another member of the community, from level 0, how to do something that is both difficult and absolutely neccessary in our society today. By requiring our children to teach some other person, child or adult, a needed life skill, over the course of about a year, this pre-adult shows persistence, perseverence, discernment, and of course, the key skill in question. A useful side effect of this is also that it would effectively increase (dramatically) the number of available tutors, and also lead to every adult in our society coming away with an understanding of the challenges involved in teaching anyone anything non-trivial. Thus we provide an esteem building excercise and respect building accomplishment all in one go. We then reward that accomplishment with full adult status, whatever the age of the pre-adult in question. This obviously assumes that the pre-adult has had opportunity to prove his or her good judgement in other ways as well, prior to seeking said recognition. This might help as one step of a series of steps implemented by and through local communities which could lead to more long-term thinking in society at large, given a critical mass and good faith in the ability of human kind to rise above our instincts, and learn to cooperate. In other words (from Lenier in Bablylon 5): to be better than we are.

Community Cooperation Shira,
Gregorian Date: Saturday, August 30, 2014
MEOW Date : Wednesday, August 29, 12014 H.E. (Holocene Era, aka Human Era)

( Subject was: “Generating more respect for teachers requires cultural change” … )