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10/7 New

These are from links from stallman’s page:

Tell the Fast Food Companies to remove palm free oil

Demand release of women jailed for watching sports in iran

Where future shock said all 60s social problems were due to technological change, whout clear idea of the family

The authors encounter of anti civilization people beleive human liveration can be won by going back to the Stone age

we no have a beaureacratic culture in the privatisation of government school san dfirms.

political administrative and marketing prevents progressive change.

Hilary clinton should apologize to mr mchover

New york rushes to remove it’s cell tracking in cell booths

Joe Biden apologizes for telling the truth about enabling jihadists

Drones to ISrael from Britain should be illegal

And other news:

Gay marriage legalized in Las Vegas

Canadians authorize air strikes to iraq

Walmart is cutting money for part timers