UWESU’s VP Education challenges overly enthusiastic student satisfaction report

Featured picture from JJ Clark’s 2014 video campaign statement on Youtube.

On the front page of the WesternEye’s September 2014 issue, Philip Mansell signed an enthusiastic article entitled ‘UWE student success and satisfaction soars’. The article is also available online here.

However, on 21 October 2014, Mansell’s enthusiastic piece was fundamentally challenged by UWESU’s VP Education JJ Clark on his blog.  Clark wrote that “the discussions I’ve been having with staff and students over last few months paint a rather different picture than the one outlined in Philip Mansel’s article” and stressed that, actually, “UWE has slipped 2% in overall satisfaction of their students to 84%, which is 2% lower than the sector average.”

To read Clark’s post, click here.