Proje Başlıyor: İklim İçin 97 Saat 97 İklim Bilimci

Pazartesi günü geldi çattı ve Out For Beyond’un çılgın projesi bugün itibariyle başlıyor!

Out For Beyond ekibi olarak SkepticalScience tarafından Eylül ayının sonunda New York’ta yapılan BM iklim zirvesi devam ederken 97 saat boyunca her saat bir iklim bilimcinin iklim değişimi üzerine bir sözünü bir karikatür ile yayınlayarak gerçekleştirdiği 97 Hours of Consensus projesini Türkçe’ye çevirdik. Bugünden itibaren sabah 9 akşam 9 arasında, her bir saatte bir sözü Facebook ve Twitter hesaplarımızdan yayınlayarak sizlerle paylaşacağız.

Bunu bu hafta yani Peru’nun başkenti Lima’da bütün dünyadan siyasetçilerin ve iş dünyasından temsilcilerin toplanıp muhtemelen iklim için harekete geçmeden ekonomik ihtiraslarını çarpıştıracağı BM İklim Değişikliği Çerçeve Sözleşmesi 20. Taraflar Konferansı (COP20) esnasında yaparak bazı bilimsel gerçekleri hatırlatmak ve bilimle pazarlık yapmanın şakası olmayacağını göstermek istiyoruz.

Gün sonunda o günün sözlerinin ve görsellerinin tamamına proje sayfamızdan erişebilirsiniz.

Away with the Canaries – Norwich 1 Reading 2

As I’ve always said Atkins is a top top manager and all you lot who know nothing about football should stop your moaning.

Who else would have thought of putting Jack Cooper up there to bang in two goals? And as I’ve always said Gordon Obita and Oliver Morewood were just the right players to stick the ball on Jackie boy’s head.

Atkins needs a new contract now. Keep him there for ten years and we’re bound to get up eventually.

Chris Grunter finally had a game where he wasn’t useless but Ronson-Kanu needs to get another club. Maybe Atkins will take him  when he finally gets the sack. Be good to get rid of both of them.

Or maybe the fans will just keep on moaning at him, then he’ll go. Reading fans eh? They never make any sense.


an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.


Along with multiple other sab groups, we paid a visit to The scumbags at the Blackmore & Sparkford Hunt today in reaction to them hospitalising a sab recently and breaking seven of her ribs. An injury to one of us is an injury to all of us.

Close to 100 sabs descended on the hunt which led to the hunt being on the run for most of the day. Hunt thugs tried their best to be intimidating, trying to pick off small bunches of sabs but never got anywhere.

The B&S need to know that acting violent towards sabs will make sure that these visits continue time and time again.

STATUS of the campaign

8 MONTHS since we demand an independent review about UWE’s involvement in the repression of peaceful student protests against the “UWE arms fair” that took place on campus on 20 November 2013. Our campaign is now backed by the local branch of the lecturers’ union (UWE UCU). However, STILL NO ANSWER FROM UWE.

Reclaim the Fields European Assembly in the UK

You are invited to the RTF European assembly.

Thursday 8 – Monday 12th of January 2015 at the Sumac Centre, Nottingham

animal assembly

The goal is to meet up to see how the European Reclaim the Fields constellation is getting on and to exchange information amongst the network. It will be an occasion to put in practice new forms of organisation which were decided upon at the last meeting (in Austria). As it will take place in the UK, we also want to create stronger links between those in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. This meeting will be a working and reflection space for local/regional groups and on themes present within RTF. As such it is mainly meant for people already active in the constellation, or which are aware/informed on the dynamics and last discussions of the network. But everybody is welcome!


Thursday 8th – arrival, in the evening presentation of the different groups/collectives/people/stars of the RtF-constellation
Friday 9th – working groups and thematic debate
Saturday 10th – organisation of the camp and next meeting
Sunday 11th – writing up notes of the meeting, if needed more time for the working groups
Monday 12th – collective work at Sumac Centre

If you have any proposals or questions concerning the content please email:

UWE fails to act after repression of student protest (from WesternEye)

The November 2014 paper issue of the WesternEye (UWESU’s newspaper) features an article by Ben Gerdziunas entitled “UWE fails to act after repression of student protest”. Since the student newspaper hasn’t yet made a digital copy of it available, we republish it here.


UWE fails to act after repression of student protest

No development on calls for an independent enquiry a year after the crackdown against student protest outside the Exhibition and Conference Centre

A CAMPAIGN titled #reviewUWE was set up in April 2014 by student activists calling for an independent enquiry into the events of the protest against the Defence Procurement Research Technology Exportability (DPRTE) event. This came as a response to alleged interference of police and its Forward Monitoring Team, injuries, an arrest and widespread intimidations during and after the protests.

The protest took place outside the building, echoing opposition against the Defence Procurement Research Technology Exportability (DPRTE) event in November 2013 and the subsequent call for an independent enquiry into the crackdown by UWE.
Keith Hicks, UWE’s Head of Marketing and Communications, stated in October 2014 that “the activists’ call for an independent enquiry last November was not supported at the time.”
Two open letters were sent by the campaigning group Better Together: one to UWE’s Vice-Chancellor Steve West on 12 March 2014, 7 months before Hick’s statement, and another to the Board of Governors on 8 April 2014. The Clerk of UWE’s Board of Governors confirmed on 14 April 2014 that the second one was “provided in full to the members of the Board of Governors.” To date, it has been the only acknowledgement by UWE’s management and/ or UWESU of the #reviewUWE movement- despite the backing of the UWE branch of the University and College Union (UCU).
Hicks stated on a video release to Bristol Life, published on 8 Apr 2014: “We are happy to hear from any students who feel they have been mistreated. If the Students’ Union raised this issue, we would do something about it.” UWESU met up with two student activists a day after the protest in November, but no strong immediate action was taken by UWESU.
UWESU stated this month, “We asked the activists for their accounts of what happened after the protest that we could put a case to the university but no one got back to us”
UWESU’s involvement was at it’s strongest before the protest. “We met with the students before the protest and we did raise (the issue) with John Rushforth before it happened to inform him that we supported the right to protest.”
Hicks states: “The University believes that a culture of free and open discussion is essential in our role as an academic institution”
The university’s decision in October 2014 to host a talk by the CEO of QinetiQ – describing itself as “experts in defence, aerospace and security” after a lack of action following last years’ events has resulted in further protests by students, activist groups and the public.
One student activist, who preferred to remain anonymous, stated in reference to the #reviewUWE campaign: “UWE is ready to suppress and endanger student voices critical of its ties with the military, while hosting and legitimising profiteers of the arms trade. Those protests were the only means available to bring this event and our arguments to attention.”


Annoying-noise-001Black Friday was the start of a new Christmas tradition in Bristol. Welcome to Make-as-much-noise-as you-like-at-night-in-the-lead-up-to-Christmas-time (is there not a catchier title for this? Ed.).

In an unprecedented move, Bristol City Council are allowing everybody to make as much noise as they like at night until the 15 December because there will be no environmental health officers workings evenings!

This appears to be a direct result of mayor “Uncle” George Ferguson’s cuts that “will not affect frontline services”.

Know of any more council cuts that have affected frontline services? Get in touch!