Help Keep Subrosa Open

We’re writing to you all under unfortunate circumstances – currently Manchester Social Centre Subrosa is facing potential closure due to lack of funds and we need to appeal for donations.

Operating as a non-profit and vegan social centre that is staffed and run entirely by volunteers, we have provided a free and accessible space to host many different events since we opened last April. These have included poetry nights, gigs, pub quizzes, fundraisers for other groups and film showings, as well as providing a space for political and community groups to meet on a frequent basis. We have also served many great vegan meals, all at an affordable price.

Despite this, unfortunately we’re currently not raising enough money and we will soon need to decide whether we will have to close. This is due to large costs beyond our control such as rent and very large water and electricity bills that have hit our savings hard – our day-to-day spend is very low thanks to the hard work of our kitchen working group – and we are simply not raising enough money to cover our costs.

In the next two weeks,
 the organising group will need to decide whether to exercise the break clause in the lease on our building and close Subrosa. This decision will be influenced by the amount we can raise in the next two weeks and whether we feel that Subrosa can remain financially viable going forward. Should this course of action be decided, unfortunately we will still need to cover the rent and utilities for the following three months as per our contractual obligations.

If you are able, please consider donating to Subrosa. 

Please share this message and spread the word to anyone you know who would like to see Subrosa stay open. There is clearly a need for a place like Subrosa in Manchester, as the number and variety of great events we have hosted throughout the year has demonstrated. 

Thank you 

Subrosa – Manchester Social Centre