Fed up – Reading 1 Arsenal 2

I’m back. Hope you’ve managed to struggle by with your little understand of football while I’ve been away.

Bleed’n network 23 wouldn’t let me in. No wonder Reading’s form has gone south.

Luckily I send Clarkson my advice for the Semi Final and the only thing he ignored was that I told him to drop Alan Federici.

Always knew it was a mistake to put an Aussie in goal. Stands to reason. I mean, they are all descendants of our criminals. But of course they are the ones that got caught so they are always going to be the dopier ones.

Might as well have put some of our own crooks on that pitch since Venga reckons we were aggressive. Weird git.

Talking of weird gits, all that money from the cup run might just pay a couple of weeks of Pog’s wages. Fat Russian berk was extra useless on Saturday. Sack him now Majeski.

Time to welcome the boys home Wednesday. I’m bringing me Aussie flag to celebrate Fedders. Great keeper. Hope you lot aren’t gonna start moaning about him.