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Which side are they on?

Shami Chakrabarti is known to most people as the director of Liberty, the civil rights organization. She has never stood as an MP but imagine the public uproar were she to announce she was a UKIP candidate at the forthcoming election.

Something very similar in principle that occurred last year, however, registered zero on the shock scale. Not a single voice of discontent was heard when Michelle Thew – pictured here – was chosen as the Labour candidate for the seat of Bexhill and Battle.

It’s a safe Tory seat and she is unlikely to win it but when I discovered she was a Labour candidate I was astonished. For many years she has been chief executive of the British Union Against Vivisection (BUAV) which campaigns for an end to animal experiments.

Why on earth would anyone who has fought for laboratory animals and animal rights want to represent a party that stands for exactly the opposite? That’s where the comparison with Chakrabarti is valid. In fact it’s worse because at least UKIP makes some pretense of believing in human freedom, whereas for Labour the idea that animals have rights doesn’t even exist.

A few weeks ago the party made some pledges on animal welfare including ending the badger cull, retaining the Hunting Act and banning wild animals in circuses but mention of vivisection was conspicuous by its absence.

A lengthy examination of Labour’s record on animal issues will have to wait for another blog post but for now all I will say is its record is appalling. Before the 1997 election all sorts of promises were made to reduce and eventually end vivisection, especially alcohol, weapons and tobacco testing, but none were kept. Instead the number of animals used increased by about one million during the 13 years the party was in government.

It went even further in propping up the infamous Huntingdon Life Sciences laboratory and criminalising those who campaigned against vivisection. Draconian laws were introduced which made minor public order offences and even civil torts punishable by up to five years imprisonment if they harmed a contract between a laboratory and its customers or suppliers. Conspiracy to blackmail was also used to punish activists with very long sentences.

The Labour government in effect declared war on anti-vivisectionists and here is the boss of one of the largest and oldest organizations that’s meant to stand up for laboratory animals joining its side.

In one respect this leaves me incredulous but in another it makes perfect sense. When I highlighted the story on Facebook, someone commented that it came as no surprise and it wouldn’t have been a shock even if Thew had gone over to Cancer Research UK or the British Heart Foundation.

That just about sums up the cynicism of grassroots activists towards big national societies. And let’s face it, the BUAV does have a track record here. Way back in the eighties it cozied up to Labour and got badly let down when the party supported the 1986 Animal Scientific Procedures Act – the Vivisectors Charter.

Most campaigners I know see the likes of the BUAV as bureaucratic and out of touch, trying vainly to influence politicians and capitalists instead of using their resources to fight vivisection in more direct and effective ways.

While it may come as little surprise to find out the boss of the BUAV has joined Labour, what about a hunt saboteur and vegan? Chris Williamson, the MP for Derby North is both, I am told. I looked at his website and he mentions neither but does say he is a trustee and former chair of the League Against Cruel Sports and believes in “animal welfare”. The hunt sab and vegan claim was mentioned on Facebook after I posted a piece about the ineffectiveness of the Hunting Act.

Whether Williamson is vegan is in doubt then but Labour already has Kerry McCarthy, MP for Bristol East since 2005 and a vegan You may ask how anyone who espouses veganism and animal rights can represent a party which in government would do all it can to support animal farming? The answer is although McCarthy is a dietary vegan, she doesn’t believe in animal rights at all. At last year’s Bristol Vegfest she said she approved of some animal experiments.

When asking how individuals who claim to care about animal suffering want to get elected on the platform of a party which will do so much to further it, we shouldn’t forget the capacity of people to delude themselves. Perhaps the likes of Thew and others really think they can make a difference? Their retort might be, well better I’m there able to do something and can speak out for defenceless animals rather than somebody who doesn’t care at all.

But in reality they will chewed up and spat out by the system and made to conform. In return they will have a lavish income – even a backbench MP’s salary is nearly £70,000 per year – and the potential for even more if they become a minister or junior minister.

Like Joan Ruddock of CND who became an MP in the eighties when Labour’s policy was unilateral nuclear disarmament but was a minister when that policy was abolished and during the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, they will have to renounce their principles and be no more than a career politician whose job it is to maintain a system which mercilessly exploits animals and humans and is destroying the planet.

March to nowhere?


re-blogged from Brighton Anti-Fascists

It’s been a busy weekend for Brighton Antifascists, despite the March for England not even trying to hold their annual crap-fest of a march this year.

The weekend began early with “Pompey” Dave Smeetyon (leader of March for England) and about 10 of his sad looking mates turning up in town  on Thursday to celebrate St Georges day by doing a quick photoshoot on the pier then spending the rest of the evening hiding in the beer garden of the King & Queen, checking nervously over their shoulder in case antifascists turned up. Despite various threats they didn’t try going within 100m of the Cowley.



On Saturday, some Brighton Antifascists made the long journey to Blackpool to oppose the actual, relocated, March for England, alongside 70 or so antifascists from London, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham and further afield.

Despite lots of big talk beforehand about hundred and hundreds of nationalists turning up, only about 40 actually made it to the march, with other, smaller groups wandering between pubs. Around 25 yards into their march, antifascists blocked the route, leading to the police turning the MfE around and ending their march. That was it, 40 people marching 50 yards in the pouring rain. Even the “commie hunters” who didn’t go on the main march failed, getting themselves nicked after trying to start a fight with some antifascists right in front of the old bill.

Sieg Heils at the “family friendly, not racist” March for England.

The march was notable for the fact that, despite organiser’s promises of a “family friendly, non-racist” day, neo nazis and white pride wankers were everywhere. Even fascist wannabes National Action turned up, took a photo (and a nicking) and went home again.

National Action looking kinda sad.

Even the fash are admitting it was a terrible day. Far-right facebook pages are full of posts complaining about the whole day being a washout, including this gem:


And this one:


After the “demo” was over, antifascists marched the route the fascists hadn’t managed to complete, took a quick photo, then headed home, safe and with no arrests.

The victorious antifascist bloc.

On Sunday, StopMfE hosted a community picnic on the Level in the centre of Brighton, celebrating Brighton being fascist and racist free for the first time in several years. Various activist and community groups had stalls, tea and cake was served and people generally celebrated not having to yell at and confront Nazis. Despite threatening the event, far-right bottle-jobs “Pie and Mash Squad”, surprise surprise, totally bottled it.

The Level is fascist free.

Even though the weather wasn’t great, we had a good day networking and talking to people about anti-fascism (and flogging t-shirts!). All in all, a busy couple of days, but very successful. It’s worth noting that some fascist groups have already stated their intent to come back to Brighton next year, so I’m sure we’ll see you all on the streets soon.

That was World Week that was

World Week of Action For Animals in Laboratories finished yesterday, 26 April. The wwaail.org website listed a number of events, most of them in the USA and connected to the No New Animal Lab campaign which is trying to stop the building of a $124 million animal laboratory at Washington University.

Saturday’s march drew hundreds of people and has been called “the largest grassroots animal liberation demo in the US in some time”. A report in The Seattle Times said: “500 animal-rights supporters marched across the University of Washington (UW) campus Saturday and temporarily blocked neighborhood streets.”

The following day saw many home demos against “key players” in the construction of the lab in Seattle. Home demos were outlawed in the UK in 2003 but they are still legal in America. There were also protests against the company building the lab, Skanska. One activist commented:

“In solidarity elsewhere (nationally and globally), activists had their own local office Skanska demos and office disruptions throughout the week.  On Friday, UW lost a significant lawsuit against the activists legal team for secretly voting to build the lab.  All of these combined factors electrified the mass protests onSaturday.  And this was all grassroots!

The cloak of fear and that has shrouded the US scene for over a decade was lifted this past week.  Comfort vegan lifestylism was replaced with hundreds taking the streets of Seattle and activists elsewhere demonstrating in solidarity.  I haven’t seen this level of enthusiasm
and mass action since the SHAC days.”

Skanska is also the corporation behind the building a new facility for AstraZeneca in Cambridge.  On Saturday a march in that city attracted about 300 people from all over the country. Cambridge University already uses 170,000 animals in cruel experiments every year and with planning approval for the new laboratory this looks set to rise steeply.

The march was organised by Cambridge AR, which is one of the oldest – if not the oldest – local group in the UK. Whether a sustained offensive will emerge from the protest remains to be seen. Since SPEAK failed to stop the building of a animal research lab in Oxford eight years ago, there have been a number of campaigns against universities who use animals, including Leicester, Cardiff and Newcastle, but none have lasted for more than a few months.

Finally I’d like to give a big shout out to Merseyside AR who organised a whole week of events including street stalls, a demo against Liverpool University and a day of action against charities who fund animal experiments, such as British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.

The university protest received good coverage in the Liverpool Echo who reported:

Merseyside Animals Rights group staged a protest after learning through a Freedom of Information request the university carried out 14,753 experiments on animals in 2014.

The group said the animals used included mice, rats, rabbits and other rodents, chicken, sheep, cattle, horses, zebra fish and trout. The animals were used for biological, medical and veterinary research.

In a statement activists said: “1,451 of these experiments were classed as severe in terms of the pain and suffering inflicted on the animals. These severe experiments all involved mice or rabbits. Most other experiments inflicted mild to moderate pain and suffering.”

The university was forced to defend itself and used the same old cliches about animal use being “essential” and ensuring: “The number used is minimised and that procedures, care routines and husbandry are refined to maximise welfare as far as possible. Liverpool’s facilities for animals involved in research are among the best in the UK.”

Well done to MARC for their week of action and for putting Liverpool University under the spotlight and forcing them to account for their despicable actions. This is exactly what they want to avoid. All vivisectors wish for is to be left alone to continue with their grisly work. They hate having to justify what they do because it is unjustifiable.

No one can deny that opposing vivisection in the UK has not been easy in recent years. The failure to stop the Oxford Lab and the survival of Huntingdon Life Sciences, together with media-orchestrated smear campaigns and repressive laws targeting anti-vivisectionists, has led to a decline in morale and the numbers of activists.

MARC’s successful week of action shows the best way back could be through local groups targeting laboratories in their areas. As ever, it is decentralised grassroots campaigning that offers the best way of rebuilding the animal rights movement.

#12 Abidik gubidik kavga

ETİK SÜRTÜK, ALIŞTIRMA #12: Bu hem çok saçma hem de çok tatmin edici olacak. Süre-ölçeri iki dakikaya ayarlayın. Aranızda az bir mesafe bırakarak, yüz yüze gelecek şekilde ayakta durun. Öfkenizi eş zamanlı olarak duruş ve el kol hareketleriyle ifade edin: ayaklarınızı vurun, kollarınızı sallayın, partnerinize tamamen anlamsız laflarla konuşun – hırıltı, homurtu, inilti, oflama. (Burada ne kast ettiğimizi tam anlamadıysanız, Donald Duck’un öfke nöbeti geçirdiği sahneyi canlandırın gözünüzde.) Bunu sözcüklerle ifade etmek zor ama kendinizi cümle kurma, kimin haklı kimin haksız olduğuna karar verme, hatta herhangi bir mana ihtiyacından özgürleştirince duygularınızı çok iyi aktaracaksınız – ve üstüne bir de güzel kahkaha atacaksınız. Bu, ciddi bir sohbet öncesinde ortamı havalandırmak ve gerilimi kırmak için harika bir yol.

İşte bu alıştırmayı yapamadım, yapamadık. Sevdiğim bir insana bu ölçüde öfkelendiğim bir an gelmiyor aklıma. İletişim kurmak, karşımdaki insanı dinlemek falan gibi konularda genelde pek başarısızım, ama bunun sebebi öfke olmuyor hiç.angry

Bundan hiç öfkelenmediğim sonucu çıkmasın yalnız. Sık sık öfkeleniyorum. (Sebep çok.) Ama bu öfkem bir sosyal yapıyı ya da bir duruma odaklı oluyor genelde. Ya da, doğrudan bir kişiye odaklı olduğu durumda, bu kişiyle zaten iletişim kurmak istemiyorum.

Sevdiğim, değer verdiğim insanlara ise, darılabilir, kırılabilir, kızabilirim. Ama öyle duygularımı deşarj etmemi gerektirecek bir öfkeyle dolmuyor içim.

Bunun yanında, iletişimin tıkandığı durumları çözmek için başka yöntemler denediğim oldu. Beraber bir şeyler çizmek, beraber dans etmek, ortak bir yazı yazmak (eşzamanlı olarak, aynı kağıt üstüne) bunlardan bazıları. Hatta bir keresinde algım öylesine kapanmıştı ki partnerime sorunu bir öykü şeklinde anlatmasını söyledim. Anlattıklarını sanki benimle bizimle alakası olmayan bir hikaye dinliyormuşum gibi dinledim, sonra tekrar konuşmaya başladığımızda öyküdeki referansları açıkladı bana yavaş yavaş.

Yapmadığım bir alıştırmayla ilgili daha çok laf etmem saçma olur. ^_^ Belki birinin işine yarar, dursun burada en azından alıştırmanın kendisi.

Who to vote for, what to vote for, how to vote for…?

Local Election, National Election, this Party, that Party, Our Party, Your Party, Councillior A, Councillior B, Vote for she, vote for he!!

I once made a point in sayin “I would rather vote for the winner, and work for the loser”.  Its a game innit?  A gamble? No point placing your money on the loser, might aswell place it on the winner, and work your love and effort into the loser by handing out leflets and making change on the streets.  That way I couldn’t loose, well… unless whoever I voted for didn’t win!

That was some time ago, now a days…?  I belive its still a game, a game I play like this…  Work for the people, the people in my community (whatever I choose my community to be).  Vote for a local councillior (the one who is going to make the effort work for the people seriously in need, in a fair way).  Vote for an MP (the one thats going to best work for and represent my constituency fairly).  So – Community, Ward, and Constituency they all might be different, however all chosen on the basis of what needs doing and who will do it best.

2015 UK Election

No one party in the last election won enough votes, so the Torries made a call and ended up sharing office with the LibDems.

Torry voters where happy, they had won.  The LibDem voters? Let down… Happy… Winners…Losers…

Whatever, fact is the people didn’t choose the UK’s current government, the Torries did.

What does that mean to us? I dunno.  Makes no difference to me, I don’t like either of those parties, thier policies, history or leaders.

What I did realise from that 2010 result was – the system is fucked!

NRMP Match 2015 Unfilled Programs Part 2

I regrettably make this post after a two week pause, which falls short of my goal of a post every week.  I have many excuses, such as travel and sickness, but I am still committed to making sure I keep this blog alive.

Here is the rest of the unfilled programs for the NRMP Match of March 2015, for the record:


Pediatrics (P programs)

Childrens Hospital-Oakland-CA Peds-Prelim/Child Neurology

Johns Hopkins Hosp-MD Peds-Prelim/Child Psych

U New Mexico SOM Peds-Prelim/Child Neurology

Stony Brook Teach Hosps-NY Peds-Prelim/Child Neurology

U North Carolina Hospitals Pediatrics-Preliminary

Med Coll Wisconsin Affil Hosps Pediatrics-Preliminary


Plastic Surgery (Integrated) (C programs)

U Minnesota Med School Plastic Surgery (Integrated)

LehighValley Hosp-PA Plastic Surgery (Integrated)

Carilion Clinic-Virginia Tech Carilion SOM Plastic Surgery (Integrated)


Psychiatry (C programs)

Howard Univ Hosp-DC Psychiatry

Medical College of Georgia Psychiatry

U Kentucky Med Ctr Psychiatry

Central Michigan University COM Psychiatry

Cooper University Hospital-NJ Psych/Atlantic City MC

SUNY Upstate Med University Psych/Rural-Community

Univ of Puerto Rico Psychiatry

U Texas Med Branch-Galveston Psychiatry


Psychiatry (R programs)

U New Mexico SOM Psychiatry


Psychiatry/Neurology (C programs)

NYU School of Medicine Psychiatry-Neurology


Radiology-Diagnostic (C programs)

Baptist Health System-AL Radiology-Diagnostic

SIU SOM & Affil Hosps-IL Radiology-Diagnostic

U IL-St Francis Med Ctr Radiology-Diagnostic

Tulane Univ SOM-LA Radiology-Diagnostic

Grand Rapids Med Ed Partners-MI Radiology-Diagnostic

Henry Ford HSC-MI Radiology-Diagnostic

St Joseph Mercy-Oakland-MI Radiology-Diagnostic

U Minnesota Med School Radiology-Diagnostic

University Hosps-Jackson MS Radiology-Diagnostic


Radiology-Diagnostic (R programs)

Medical College of Georgia Radiology-Diagnostic


Radiology-Diagnostic (A programs)

U South Alabama Hospitals Radiology-Diagnostic

Mayo School of Grad Med Educ-AZ Radiology-Diagnostic

Harbor-UCLA Med Ctr-CA Radiology-Diagnostic

U Connecticut School of Medicine Radiology-Diagnostic

Florida Hosp-Orlando-FL Radiology-Diagnostic

Mt Sinai Med Ctr Miami-FL Radiology Diagnostic

U Florida COM-Sands Hosp Radiology Diagnostic

Medical College of Georgia Radiology Diagnostic

Memorial Health Univ Med Ctr-GA Radiology-Diagnostic

Loyola Univ Med Ctr-IL Radiology-Diagnostic

Presence Saint Francis Hospital-IL Radiology-Diagnostic

Univ of Chicago Med Ctr-IL Radiology-Diagnostic

U Iowa Hosps and Clinics Radiology-Diagnostic

U Maryland Med Ctr Rad-Diag/SACM Advanced

U Maryland Med Ctr Radiology-Diagnostic

Lahay Clinic-MA Radiology-Diagnostic

Mt Auburn Hospital-MA Radiology-Diagnostic

St Vincent Hosp-Worcester-MA Radiology-Diagnostic

Tufts Medical Center-MA Radiology-Diagnostic

Tufts Medical Center-MA Radiology-Diagnostic/FAP 16

Providence Hospital-MI Radiology-Diagnostic

WSU/Detroit Med Ctr-MI Radiology-Diagnostic

Creighton Univ Affil Hosps-NE Radiology-Diagnostic

University of Nebraska Med Ctr Radiology-Diagnostic

Monmouth Medical Ctr-NJ Radiology-Diagnostic

Rutgers-R W Johnson Medical School-NJ Radiology-Diagnostic

St Barnabas Med Ctr-NJ Radiology-Diagnostic

Einstein/Jacobi Med Ctr-NY Radiology-Diagnostic

Einstein/Montefiore Med Cr-NY Radiology-Diagnostic

Harlem Hospital Ctr-NY Radiology-Diagnostic

Maimonides Med Ctr-NY Radiology-Diagnostic

Nassau Univ Med Ctr-NY Radiology-Diagnostic

North Shore-LIJ Health Sys-NY Radiology-Diagnostic/Lenox Hill

Richmond Univ Med Ctr-NY Radiology-Diagnostic

Rochester Gen Hosp-NY Radiology-Diagnostic

SUNY HSC Brooklyn-NY Radiology-Diagnostic

SUNY Upstate Med University Radiology-Diagnostic

U Rochester/Strong Mem-NY Radiology-Diagnostic

Case Western/MetroHealth Med Ctr-OH Radiology-Diagnostic

U Cincinnati Med Ctr-OH Radiology-Diagnostic

U Oklahoma COM-OK City Radiology-Diagnostic

Albert Einstein Med Ctr-PA Radiology-Diagnostic

Allegheny Gen Hosp-PA Radiology-Diagnostic

Drexel Univ COM/Hahnemann Univ Hosp-PA Radiology-Diagnostic/Peds Track

Hershey Med Ctr/Penn State-PA Radiology-Diagnostic

Temple Univ Hosp-PA Radiology-Diagnostic

U Tennessee COM-Memphis Radiology-Diagnostic

U Tennessee Grad SOM-Knoxville Radiology-Diagnostic

Texas A&M-Scott & White Radiology-Diagnostic

Eastern VA Med School-VA Radiology-Diagnostic

Med Coll Wisconsin Affil Hosps Radiology-Diagnostic

U Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Radiology-Diagnostics

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-St Joseph-WI Radiology-Diagnostic


Radiation Oncology (A programs)

Rush University Med Ctr-IL Radiation Oncology

WSU/Detroit Med Ctr-MI Radiation Oncology

U Minnesota Med School Radiation Oncology

University of Nebraska Med Ctr Radiation Oncology

U Cincinnati Med Ctr-OH Radiation Oncology


Radiation Oncology (C programs)

Rush University Med Ctr-IL Radiation Oncology

Hosp of the Univ of PA Radiation Onc/Military


Radiation Oncology (R programs)

U Alabama Med Ctr-Birmingham Radiation Oncology

UC Irvine Med Ctr-CA Radiation Oncology July 2015

Emory Univ SOM-GA Radiation oncology-Physician

Wake Forest Baptist Med Ctr-NC Radiation Oncology/PGY2 Funded Position


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (A programs)

Indiana Univ Sch of Med Phys Medicine & Rehab

Sinai Hospital of Baltimore-MD Phys Medicine & Rehab

Virginia Commonwealh U Hlth Sys Phys Medicine & Rehab


Surgery-General (P programs)

U South Alabama Hospitals

Banner Good Samaritan Med Ctr-AZ

Maricopa Med Ctr-AZ

St Josephs Hospital-AZ

U Arizona Affil Hospitals

U Arkansas-Little Rock

Harbor-UCLA Med Ctr-CA

Kaiser Permanente-Los Angeles-CA

Kern Medical Center-CA

Loma Linda University-CA Surg-Prelim/OMFS

Loma Linda Unversity-CA Surgery-Preliminary

Stanford Univ Progs-CA

UC Davis Med Ctr-CA

UC Irvine Med Ctr-CA

UC Riverside SOM-CA

UC San Diego Med Ctr-CA

UC San Francisco-CA

UC San Francisco-East Bay-CA

U Colorado SOM-Denver

Danbury Hospital-CT

St Marys Hospital-CT

U Connecticut School of Medicine

Waterbury Hospital-CT

Washington Hospital Ctr-DC

Mt Sinai Med Ctr-Miami-FL

Orlando Health FL

Medical College of Georgia

Morehouse Sch of Med-GA

University of Hawaii

Carle Foundation Hosp-IL

Loyola Univ Med Ctr-IL

Northwestern McGaw/NMH/VA-IL

Rush University Med Ctr-IL

U Illinois COM-Chicago

UIC Mt Sinai Hosp Med Ctr-IL

Indiana Univ Sch of Med

U Iowa Hosps and Clinics

U Kansas SOM-Wichita

U Louisville SOM-KY

LSU SOM-New Orleans-LA


Ochsner Clinic Foundation-LA

Tulane Univ SOM-LA

Union Memorial Hosp-MD

B I Deaconess Med Cgtr-MA

Baystate Med Ctr-MA

Boston Univ Med Ctr-MA

Brigham & Womens Hosp-MA

Tufts Medical Center-MA

U Massachusetts Med School

Beaumont Health System-MI

Grand Rapids Med Ed Partners-MI

Henry Ford HSC-MI Surg-Prelim Urology

Michigan St Univ-East Lansing

St John Hospital-MI

St Joseph Mercy-Oakland-MI

Hennepin Co Med Ctr-MN

University Hosps-Jackson-MS

St Louis Univ SOM-MO

University Hosps-Columbia-MO

U Nevada Affil Hosps-Las Vegas

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Med Ctr-NH

Monmouth Medical Ctr-NJ

Morristown Mem Hosp-NJ

Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School

Rutgers-R W Johnson Medical School-NJ

St Barnabas Med Ctr-NJ

U New Mexico SOM

Bassett Medical Center-NY

Brookdale Hosp Med Ctr-NY

Brooklyn Hosp Ctr-NY

Einstein/Montefiore Med Ctr-NY

Harlem Hospital Ctr-NY

Icahn SOM St Lukes-Roosevelt-NY

Icahn SOM at Mount Sinai-NY

NY Hosp Med Ctr Queens

NY Methodist Hospital-NY

NYP Hosp-Columbia Univ Med Ctr-NY

NYU School of Medicine

Nassau Univ Med Ctr-NY

North Shore-LIJ Health Sys-NY

SUNY Upstate Med University

Stony Brook Teach Hosps-Ny

U Rochester/Strong Mem-NY

University at Buffalo SOM-NY

Carolinas Med Ctr-NC

Duke Univ Med Ctr-NC

U North Carolina Hospitals

Vidant Med Ctr/East Carolina Univ-NC

Wake Forest Baptist Med Ctr-NC

U North Dakota SOM

Good Samaritan Hosp-Cinn-OH

Jewish Hospital-OH

Mount Carmel Health System-OH

Ohio State University Med Ctr

Riverside Methodist-OH

Wright State Univ Boonschoft SOM-OH

U Oklahoma COM-OK City

U Oklahoma COM-Tulsa

Oregon Health & Science Univ

Allegheny Gen Hosp-PA

Conemaugh Memorial Med Ctr-PA

Guthrie/Robert Packer Hosp-PA

Hershey Med Ctr/Penn State-PA

Lankenau Med Ctr-PA

Mercy Catholic Med Ctr-PA

Temple Univ Hosp-PA

Thomas Jefferson Univ-PA

UPmC Mercy Hospital-PA

York Hospital-PA

Rhode Island Hosp/Brown Univ

Grand Strand Reg Med Ctr-SC

Greenville Health Sys/Univ of So Carolina

Medical University of SC

Palmetto Health Richland-SC

U Tennessee COM-Chattanooga

U Tennessee COM-Memphis

U Tennessee Grad SOM-Knoxville

Vanderbilt Univ Med Ctr-TN

Baylor Coll Med-Houston-TX

Methodist Health System Dallas-TX

Texas A&M-Scott & White

Texas Tech U Affil-Lubbock

U Texas Med Sch-Houston

U Texas Southwestern Med Sch-Dallas

U Utah Affil Hospitals

Univ of Vermont Medical Center

Carilion Clinic-Virginia Tech Carilion SOM

University of Virginia

Virginia Commonwealth U Hlth Sys

Swedish Medical Center-WA

U Washington Affil Hosps

U Washington Affil Hosps

Charleston Area Med Ctr/WV Univ

Marshall University SOM-WV

Med Coll Wisconsin Affil Hosps


Surgery-General (C programs)

Union Memorial Hosps-MD

U North Dakota SOM Gen Surg/Rural Track


Surgery-General (R programs)

Albert Einstein Med Ctr-PA


Transitional Year (P programs)

Santa Clara Valley Med Ctr-CA

St Vincents Med Ctr-CT

U Maryland Med Ctr Midtown Campus

Detroit Med Ctr Corporation-MI Trans/Neurology Spons 2015

Hurley Medical Ctr-MI

Providence Hospital-MI Transitional/Radiology

St Joseph Mercy-Oakland-MI

St Mary Mercy Hospital-MI

Wayne State University SOM-MI

Wilson Mem Reg Med Ctr/UHS-NY

Damas Hospital-PR

U Tennessee COM-Memphis Transitional/Methodist Hosp


Vascular Surgery (C programs)

Case Western/Univ Hosps Case Med Ctr-OH

U Cincinnati Med Ctr-OH