18th December 2014

Crass -Merry Crassmass
Epic Problem -Lines (Under The Pavement Radio Show Session)
Andy T with Pete Wilson-Participate or Get Off The Pot (Under The Pavement Radio Show Session)
Andy Carrington -Facts for the Immigration Expert (Under The Pavement Radio Show Session)
Andy Carrington -You Are To Blame and I Hate You (Under The Pavement Radio Show Session)
The Ex -How Thick You Think
Dickies -Silent Night
Chomsky Allstars -Disease of Desire (Acoustic Version)
No Doubt -Oi To The World
Phil Bug -Let’s Go (Under The Pavement Radio Show Session)
Chris Butler -Goodnight and Good Luck (Under The Pavement Radio Show Session)
Bad Religion -God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
The Pop Group -Where There’s A Will
Wrecks -1892 Man  (Under The Pavement Radio Show Session)
Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band -On The Sunny Side of the Street
RTP Downsized -Chapter 16


11th December 2014

Poison Girls -Alienation
Chomsky Allstars -Big I Am
Good Throb -No Taste
Roughneck Riot -England’s Desparate Liars
Disco-Oslo -88 Meter
Aggressors B.C. -Plight of the Immigrant
Unfixed -System Collapse
Conscious Youth -Onwards Version
Louis Lingg and the Bombs -Zapatista
Belgrado -Sombra de la Cruz
Automuro -Enemy Inside
Trophies -Obsessor
Farang -If You’re Not Now, You Never Were
Tits Up -Iron Me Out
This Ends Here -Undefeated
Electro Hippies -Run Ronald
The Movement -One Way Culture
Arctic Flowers -True Words
Good Throb -Psycho Disco
Hysterics -Leave Me Alone
Poison Girls -Pretty Polly


4th December 2014

Martin Chomsky talking about RTP Downsized

Conscious Youth -Onwards and Upwards (featuring AOS3)
Rash Decision -Boredom
RTP Downsized: The Audio Play -The Great Money Trick
RTP Downsized: The Audio Play -The Long Hill
Marc O’Reilly -20 Minutes for 2 Years
Disco/ Oslo -Zeichen
Good Throb -Mummy I’m Ugly
Farang -Maximum Taxiderm
The Movement -How Come?
Delroy Smart -Hot City
Hello Bastards -Stopping The Motor of the Modern world
The World/ Inferno Friendship Society -Taken Down A Peg
Tanguay and Taylor -Two Pearls
Reset Mankind -Mitternacht
Redska -Bella Ciao
Rocket From The Crypt -This Bad Check Is Going To Stick
Roughneck Riot -Resistance


27th November 2014

Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair

Test Dept -Victory
Laibach -Whistleblowers
Roger Whittaker -New World In The Morning
Easterhouse -Whispering In The Dark
NO FX -Marxist Brothers
B.G.K. -Police Crimes
The Ex -Frenzy
Jezabelleza -R.I.O.T.
TiTs Up -Iron Me Out
Gardyloo Spew -Teenage Sluts
Simon Stabler -Packet of Three
Blurt -My Mother was a Friend of the Enemy of the People
Domestics- Punk Points
Roughneck Riot -He Never Came Home
The Cravats -The End



20th November 2014


Carol and Pete from Slice of Life
Kat from Manchester Mule talking about Manchester Campaigns Bazaar


Roughneck Riot -Animosity
Hello Bastards -Constant obliteration of hope
Cravats -Terminus
Slice of Life -Killing time
Carol & Pete (Slice of Life) -Taken over
Carol & Pete (Slice of Life) -Hybrid moments
Carol & Pete (Slice of Life) -Wrecks song
Accidente -Madrid 2011
Slice of Life -Happy hour
The Ex -Let’s panic later
Roughneck Riot -This green unpleasant land
Epic Problem -Lines
Crass -Bata motel
Rash Decision -The world (part 3)
Farang -Woggle
No Babies -One size fits all
The Sweeney -The main theme from the TV series


13th November 2014

Interview: Accidente

The World/Inferno Friendship Society -Dolce Far Niente
M.D.C. -Hail Satan
Jasmine Stone -Solidarity
Subhumans – Religious Wars
Lush -Ladykillers
Gaptooth -Ladykillers
Rudimentary Peni -1/4 Dead
Antisect -Channel Zero
King Champion Sounds -The Quiet Beach
Domestics -Commodify Our Love
The Roughneck Riot -This Green Unpleasant Land
Active Slaughter – Born Free
Gertrude -A message from Dorothy from the Other Side
Against Me! -True Trans Soul Rebel
The Rebel Spell -Grass Rat
Grand Collapse -Far From The Callous Crowd
Slug -Stop

[mixcloud]http://www.mixcloud.com/Underthepavement/13th-november-2014-accidente/ [/mixcloud]


6th November 2014

Acker Bilk -Nagasaki
Slug -Set Me Free
Slice of Life -Killing Time
King Champion Sounds -Ghetto of Eden
Oi Polloi -S.S. Politician
Trash Kit -Big Feeling
RVIVR -Big Lie
Marijuanal -1984
Arctic Flowers -Magdalene
Hysterics -Outside In
Rebel Spell -All This Costs
Rash Decision -Protection
Slice of Life -The Way Things Are
Missiles of October -Dead Body
Circle Jerks -Fortunate Son
Accidente -Rejas de Color


28th August 2014

Max talking about Jill’s Film

The Destroyers- Hole In The Universe
Eastfield -Everything Is Marvellous
Spray Paint -Ask My Old Room Mate
Conflict -This Is The A.L.F.
Warrenpeace -FrnklyStvn
Inner Terrestrials -Barry Horne
Culture Shock -Twenty Questions
Faintest Idea -Bull In A China Shop

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