The needy and not so needy

Who needs what?

The young need support.

The old need support.

The not so able need support.

The rest of us need support. The difference being, the rest of us need to support… all of us.

We all need 3 basic primal resources;

Shelter, Water and Food.  None are running out.  However, somehow we are in a Worldwide situation whereby many millions of people are without these 3 basic resources needed by human beings.

With the young, the old and the not so able, being part of the millions, theres a human disaster to be dealt with.  Not Corporate profile needing to be made.

The young, old and not so able need support more than the rest of us.  So when they can’t get hold of Shelter, Water and Food they are being left for dead!

3 Basic resources, thats all, and they are basic, very basic.  Also, they can be found pretty much everywhere!

Water covers 71% of the earth.

10 million hectares of forest are planted worldwide.

World produces more than 1 ½ times enough food to feed everyone.

So why does your next door nieghbour have to visit a fucking for bank for tomorrow’s breakfast?! Why is “trolly woman” asking for spare change on the bus stop?! Why are children dying of starvation?!

I’ll tell you why, coz most of that food, water, and woodland is being controlled, kept, processed and sold for profit.  To make someone else’s pocket fat, whilst others die.  Its simple, its greed!

So when theTorries talk about taking from those who need it, and UKIP talk about banning public breast feding in public, Monsanto suing small time farmers, Chevron evading tax, and Ryanair Holdings plc generally treating employees and customers like shit.  Have a think about what really is important to the human race.  Coz it an’t money, fast cars, marble floors, and iPads.  Its support for those who need it.  Its seems to me, that many, many private companies are to blame, I don’t know for a fact, its my opinion – and everything I have writen in relation to parties of corporations has been found on the internet, and not varified.

It all seems quite clear that any party that wants to continue with taking from the needy and given to the not so needy shouldn’t have control over our power.  I say, Nationalise to Stabalise. Not Privatise to Profitise.

Just sayin…


Who did what, and where are we now…?


Increased public spending, could have been a bad move.  Well, what did it achive? Poverty for the young and the old fell, yes decreased, went down.  There where fewer children going to school with empty bellies, fewer pensioners freezing to death on thier own in the winter.  The increase led to those of us who are more in need, getting what they needed!  Hospitals also improved.


Decrease public spendng, could have been a good move. Well, what did it achive? Rise in numbers of  desperate people dependent on food banks.  Yea people could afford to buy the 3rd most basic need as humans!  In 2011/12 almost a million more people were driven into poverty coz 1.5 billion of support was taken away from them.

Well shit on me!  Its pretty clear cut who cares….. and it an’t UKIP…

More top-down reorganisation of the NHS and more taxpayer money spent on politicians’ salaries.  Forcing overseas visitors to pay for private healthcare instead of the NHS.  Discriminating against people coz their grandparents weren’t born locally – black people, Asian people, white people, Jewish people… No social housing for you.

I could go on, but its getting boring.  Whats important, what does the government really need to focus on?  I think Labour where heading in the right direction.  With fuck ups like war, continuing with PFI,  and not buying the banks out right people want to walk away from them and towards UKIP.  I say walk away from UKIP and towards Labour, or maybe even the Greens.  Why?  The banks fucked up, Labour just did too little too late.  The Torries started PFI, Labour where too shy to stop it.  Any Government would have gone to war, it just wasn’t their call.  Labour are the only party that show they want to support working people to support the needy.  See “The eedy and not so needy” for my take on… the needy and not so needy.

Who has the power?

We have the power, Us the people, we really do, we just don’t use it!

Apathy runs this country, sitting back and doing fuck all!

Voting is good, beacause you can put someone in a position closer to the rulers of the country in order to help steer society towards a happier, self supporting status.  However, without the people standing up and doing something, our power is simply being handed over to a small number a people.  This small number people, conduct alot of the operation of rule from behind closed doors.

So, vote and vote smart.  Stand up and be counted, keep your power, us your power.

Who to vote for, what to vote for, how to vote for…?

Local Election, National Election, this Party, that Party, Our Party, Your Party, Councillior A, Councillior B, Vote for she, vote for he!!

I once made a point in sayin “I would rather vote for the winner, and work for the loser”.  Its a game innit?  A gamble? No point placing your money on the loser, might aswell place it on the winner, and work your love and effort into the loser by handing out leflets and making change on the streets.  That way I couldn’t loose, well… unless whoever I voted for didn’t win!

That was some time ago, now a days…?  I belive its still a game, a game I play like this…  Work for the people, the people in my community (whatever I choose my community to be).  Vote for a local councillior (the one who is going to make the effort work for the people seriously in need, in a fair way).  Vote for an MP (the one thats going to best work for and represent my constituency fairly).  So – Community, Ward, and Constituency they all might be different, however all chosen on the basis of what needs doing and who will do it best.

2015 UK Election

No one party in the last election won enough votes, so the Torries made a call and ended up sharing office with the LibDems.

Torry voters where happy, they had won.  The LibDem voters? Let down… Happy… Winners…Losers…

Whatever, fact is the people didn’t choose the UK’s current government, the Torries did.

What does that mean to us? I dunno.  Makes no difference to me, I don’t like either of those parties, thier policies, history or leaders.

What I did realise from that 2010 result was – the system is fucked!