23rd July 2015


Chris Butler

Simon from Box Social III


Lembo -A Las Barricadas

Accidente -La Utopia Ya Es Real

Chris Butler -Good Night and Good Luck (Live In The Studio)

The Joyce McKinney Experience -Profit Motif

Disco//Oslo -140 Zeichen

Chris Butler -The Seagull and The Skinhead (Live In The Studio)

Matilda’s Scoundrels -Our Wake

The Dog Faced Hermans -John Henry

Gray Hairs -Anxiety Dream

Gut Model -Half Slept

Worthy Victims -The Real Threat

Chris Butler -Don’t Believe the Type (Live In The Studio)

Chris Butler -Mighty and Superior (Live In The Studio)

Tout Suite -Brain Flakes

9th July 2015

Loukas-Celebrating 13 Years of Under The Pavement

Poison Girls -Tired of Crying
Efa Supertramp -Creatively Frustrated
Easterhouse -Come Out Fighting
Lembo -A Las Barricadas
Active Minds -Born In Custody
Beatnigs -Television
Efa Supertramp -Smash Your TV
Morrissey -The Lazy Sunbathers
UK Subs -Heathen
MDC -No More Cops
Holiday -They Said We Could Have Everything In The Argos Catalogue
O! Kult -Manupulacija
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man -The Family
Blitzkrieg -Ko Je Kriv


25th June 2015

Manchester Film Co-operative and Test Dept/ AV Festival

Jello Biafra and the New Orleans Raunch Allstars -Bangkok
Nina Simone -I Wish I Knew How It Felt To Be Free
Test Dept -Movement The Legacy
Sam Lee -Bonny Bunch of Roses
Gil Scott Heron -Work for Peace
Roberta Flack -Tryin’ Times
Joyce McKinney Experience -Green Song
Tozibabe -Dezuje
Test Dept -Statement
Test Dept -Shockwork
Test Dept -Fuel To Fight
Blitzkrieg -Apel
Afternoon Gentlemen -War On The Poor


11th June 2015

Interview with Poison Idea

Tim Loud – is That All There Is?

Eva Supertramp -Golau Glas

The Feelies -Here Before

Poison Idea -Think Twice

Poison Idea -Plastic Bomb

Poison Idea -Push The Button

Poison Idea -Gone for Good

Poison Idea -Death of an Idiot Blues

Poison Idea -Cold Black Afternoon

Poison Idea -Blitzkrieg Bop

Poison Idea -Bog

Poison Idea -Hangover Heart Attack

Poison Idea -Cult Band

Magazine -Shot By Both Sides

Mission of Burma -That’s When I Reach for My Revolver

Girls At Our Best -getting Nowhere Best

Ste McCabe -Cockroach

McCarthy -The Drinking Song of the Merchant Bankers

The Domestics -Diet Time

Autonomads -See You At The JCP

The Hurriers -Defiance

Chewed Up -Advice


28th May 2015

Mischief Brew -This Is Not For Children
Thee Faction -(Get It Out) of Your System
Interrobang -Love It All
Icons of Filth -Fool Britannia
Sick Note Tez -Come the Day
The Ex -Let’s Panic Later
Onsind -Kim Kelly is my Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
Section 4 -Rudie Got The Know
The Cravats -Who’s in Here With Me
Mission of Burma -OK/ No Way
Chase Walker Band -Living on Thin Ice
Rashani -Institutional Racism
Fatal Microbes -Violence Grows
Medicine Grove Trio -Inside The Cage


14th May 2015


Johnny from John Player Specials


Efa Supertramp -Rhyddid yr Freuddwyd
RedSkins -Keep on Keeping On
Thee Faction -The Three Rs
ONSIND -Pokemon City Limits
TV Smith -Cutbacks
John Player Specials -Higher View
John Player Specials -Wealth Distribution
Patrik Fitzgerald -World Is Getting Better
Mischief Brew -Two Nickels
Poison Idea -Just To Get Away
F-Emasculata -What Do You want From Me?
Efa Supertramp -Fy Enwi yw Iesu Grist
Eastfield -Why Do People Sing About Riots?
Jello Biafra and the New Orleans Raunch & Soul All-Stars
Raw Power -Politicians
Bleach Blood -P.E.A.C.E.
Efa Supertramp -Forgetting the Time


30th April 2015


Penny Rimbaud -A Cross To Bear
Bologna Ska Jazz Ensemble -Something’s Got An Hold On Me
WETDOG -Divine Times
Houndstooth -Bliss Boats
The Hurriers -Faith To Fight
Thee Concerned Citizens -Soapbox
Tim Loud -Is That All There Is?
Poison Idea -Push The Button
Interrobang -Love It All
Oi Polloi -Resist The Atomic Menace
F-Emasculata -Who Do You Believe
Paranoid Visions -I Will Wallow


16th April 2015

Guest :

0161 Festival


Hounsdtooth –No News from Home
Ken Coyne with Ruts DC –How Strange
WetDog –Message
Faintest Idea –Rational Pride
Faintest Idea –Why Don’t Rich Kids Go To War?
Chewed Up –Think For Yourself
Oi Polloi –System (Encrusted In Filth)
Los Fastidios –S.H.A.R.P
Suspenders –Dignidad Obrera
Headsticks –Flatline Town


2nd April 2015


Manchester Punk Festival


Serious Drinking -The Revolution Starts at Closing Time
The Destroyers -Hole In The Universe
Wet Dog -Message
The Roughneck Riot -Animosity
The Filaments -Liberty’s Plight
Wonk Unit -Go Easy
Darko -Time Pieces and Lock Shaped Hearts
The Restarts -Sheep
Throwing Stuff -Five Pounds Beers
Smoke or Fire -Life Imitating Art
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man -Ready Steady Bastard
Great Cynics -Queen of the Anarchists
Stand Out Riot -Depth Charge
Holiday -Isolation is A Lonely Place To Be
Beat The Red Light -Saviours


19th March 2015

Babes in Toyland -Vomit Heart
Inner Terrestrials -Tales of Terror
Tim Loud -Not A Number
Bootscraper -Clint Eastwood
Thee Concerned Citizens -Ian Duncan Smith’s Weeping Hemmorhoids
The Hurriers -Spectemur Agendo
Atilla The Stockbroker’s Barnstormer -Blood for Oil
The Swipes -Cruelty of Choice
Interrobang -Inclement Weather
Bleach Blood -Please To Meet You
Faintest Idea -Rattling the Cage
Onsind -Pokemon City Limits
Vex -Project Alien Emotion
Dave Hughes -Freedom of Something
Ste McCabe -Them There Different People
Thee Concerned Citizens -Ready
The Stupids -It’s Not My Fault
Black Light Mutants -Frack Off
Really Red -Modern Needs
Ill -Hysteria