Instead of NATO: what can we hope to achieve?

Elsewhere on this site some of our members have explained what Stop NATO Cymru is trying to “stop”.  Another reasonable question is what we propose instead, and what positive aims we have.  Being anti-something cannot be the whole story, after all.  More broadly, what do we hope to achieve by all this struggling?  Below, a possible answer to these questions is explained.

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Lessons from history: taking action CAN make a difference


Long-term movement building, direct action and radical politics have a proven track record in the struggle against war

There are millions in the UK who support the antiwar agenda, but see protest as futile.  If protesting against war is like protesting against gravity, it doesn’t seem worth taking time out from other commitments. Pessimism and hopelessness keep many sympathetic people away from antiwar activism, and so these doubts are important to address. Continue reading “Lessons from history: taking action CAN make a difference”

Opposition to NATO: “ludicrous posturing” or good sense?

(Reproduced from Znet with permission from the author.)

Why oppose NATO? With the military alliance’s next summit looming over Newport, Wales, and plans being made for a week of action against the summit from August 30th to September 5th, the question has added urgency for people in the UK this summer. Even for some who oppose NATO’s war in Afghanistan, it might seem like going too far to take a stand against the organization. Didn’t they do some good in places like Kosovo? And aren’t they now necessary to contain Putin’s imperial ambitions?

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