Blatant Advertising

In case any remote reader is every looking for a good WordPress host which is not network23 because it would be aimed for setting up a commercial business to (hopefully) earn an income, so that would rule out Network 23, but yet ethical behaviour would be a requirement.

Projects that are run by people just as cool as Network23 are for example:



Electronic publication epub: the e-book

Bearing_Witness_A5I have now converted my book to electronic format.

Some say pdf is the ‘de facto’ format for electronic publication. It can be used for computers on all platforms.

However for other devices like mobile phones or tablets, it seems the EPUB format is better or more useful. I read a few manuals and ‘how to’s but somehow they all turned up to be over complicated, so here is a more simple how to convert to epub.
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Writing on the web

Here are some links to a few bits I’ve written that have appeared on the web.

By far the longest of these is 47 Random Fragments of Unauthorised Hope and Despair, which I wrote in 2004-05, and was published online by The Porkbolter newsletter in Worthing.

As the name suggests, it consists of a number of (well, yes, 47) separate stories that together make up a whole.

These range from extremely short satirical ‘news stories’ to longer tales, but they are all bound together by central themes of freedom, authenticity and resistance.

At around the same time The Anarchist Library posted on its site an article of mine called Towards the End of the Week: The Tyranny of Time that originally apppeared in Green Anarchist.

More recently, in November 2009, I posted a poem/song called They All Wear Their Poppies With Pride on Indymedia and I was chuffed to see it appear on a few other sites as well.

Errr… that seems to be about it! Obviously I have written other stuff in the meantime, but it’s either been anonymous, collaborative, ephemeral or simply not good enough to inflict on anyone else.

I will post some previously unpublished material here at a later date. Like it or not!