Public Consultation on Slyer’s Lane wind farm, closes 20th December 2014

From West Dorset Pro Wind Facebook group

Application Number: WD/D/14/002611 Case Officer: Andrew Martin Tel: 01305 252227

For the application & to comment online West Dorset District Council “Planning Application Search”

By post: Mr Martin, Case Officer, Planning Department , West Dorset District Council, South Walks House, South Walks, Dorchester DT1 1UZ

If you are writing your own letter make sure you include the application number and your address. Everyone 18 and over in your household can have his/her own say. You can use the same envelope or email address. Save a copy of what you write and use it to contact your local councillors and your MP. Check out the documents online or view at the Council offices on request.

It is an election year. With UKIP and others, there is a new level of climate change denial, a threat to cancel all targets on greenhouse gas emissions and plans to stop the development of renewables both wind and solar in its tracks.

Eco Lit Mini Conference this Sunday in Havant


Havant Literary Festival

A half day conference on ecologically inspired literature. Bosmere School, South St, Havant Sunday 12 Oct 2.00 -5.45pm Tickets £10


  • Helen Moore, on lots of anti-fracking actions – reads from her work and explores the role of the eco-poet in the ecological movement.
  • Dr. Rebecca Welshman of Liverpool University – on the work of pioneer naturalist Richard Jefferies.
  • Dr. Adeline John-Putra of Surrey University – discusses the interplay of ecology and literature.
  • Naomi Foyle of Chichester University – the writer and activist talks about her new post-apocalyptic eco-novel Astra.
  • Organic vegan food from the catering co-op Wild Thyme.

Tim Dawes is offering free complimentary tickets to Greens and Anti-Fracking activists who find the entrance fee daunting. Just email him and ask to be put on the free admittance list.

Frack Free Solent news.

FFS_001Greening Petersfield presents a showing of GASLAND 7.30pm Thursday 18th September, Winton House Centre, 18 High Street, Petersfield GU32 1QA – Map
£4 (£2 concessions) tickets on the door

Film in brief:
Fracking has unlocked a “Saudia Arabia of natural gas” just beneath us. But is fracking safe? When filmmaker Josh Fox is asked to lease his land for drilling, he embarks on a cross-country odyssey uncovering a trail of secrets, lies and contamination. A recently drilled nearby Pennsylvania town reports that residents are able to light their drinking water on fire. This is just one of the many absurd and astonishing revelations of a new country called GASLAND. Part verite travelogue, part expose, part mystery, part bluegrass banjo meltdown, part showdown.

London Climate March
A national march has been organised in London on Sunday 21st September 12.30 – 2.30pm to coincide with the upcoming climate talks in New York. Meet at 12:30pm at: Temple Place, WC2R 3BD – Map

March ends at Westminster with a huge group photo outside Parliament. More information

Friends of the Earth Frack Down Day
FoE is planning a national anti-fracking action day on Saturday 11th October. One strand of this work is the idea of putting Anti Fracking stickers on wheelie bins. Tim has a number of stickers on order. If anyone thinks their street / village might make a splash with wheelie bins stickered-up on either 11th or your collection day in the week following, please email him

FoE are still developing campaign ideas – you can contribute here:

March in Chichester

If you can’t make it to the London Climate March this Sunday 21st September, Transition Chichester are organising a local Climate March through the streets of Chichester from 12pm to 1pm to petition the Mayor, District and County Councils.

“In Chichester we plan to march with a petition to the Assembly Rooms in North Street (5 mins) to deliver our petition to the Mayor, where we will invite him to join us and march on to the District Council Offices (10 mins) to hand over the petition to the Leader of the District Council and we will invite her to join us and the Mayor to march on to the County Council Offices in West Street where we hope to deliver the petition to the Leader of the County Council and our MP. End time approx. 1pm”

For more info Contact Transition Chichester or phone 01243 539090

Funtington Public Info Meeting

Frack Free Solent are helping organise an information meeting about fracking, Friday 24 October at 7.30pm in Funtington Community Village Hall, Southbrook Rd, West Ashling, PO18 8DR. Map More details to follow.

Contact Frack Free Solent or visit our website

Frack Free Solent public information meetings.

FFS_001The government has rushed to let fracking licences all over southern England. Fracking is a very different process to conventional oil extraction requiring major industrial complexes at every wellhead. Typically well-heads are spaced at 1 mile intervals. These meetings are your chance to discuss the implications and get better informed.


STOCKBRIDGE (between Winchester & Andover) on Tuesday 8 July at 7.30pm Stockbridge Town Hall, High St, Stockbridge SO20 6HE Map

  • Short film describing fracking
  • Marcus Adams from Frack Free Fernhurst
  • Becky Martin from Salisbury Against Fracking
  • Speaker from Hampshire Renewable Energy Collective
  • Question and answer session

IGas Energy, already responsible for a conventional oil well near Stockbridge, holds three exploration and development licences covering large areas between Stockbridge and Andover and Stockbridge and Winchester. In the next few years the Test Valley could become part of the new UK “Gas Lands” with the countryside becoming industrialised.

This meeting is your chance to discuss the implications and get informed so you are ready in the event that planning applications start to be made in this area.

PETERSFIELD on Saturday 12 July at 10.00am St Peter’s Parish Hall, St Peter’s Rd, Petersfield GU32 3HX Map

  • Short film describing fracking
  • Tim Dawes from Frack Free Solent
  • Brenda Pollock from Friends of the Earth
  • Peter McDowell, a geologist
  • Question and answer session

Celtique Energy has been given a large concession that includes Petersfield, Liphook and Midhurst and is presently applying for planning permission for a well-head at Fernhurst.

Contact Frack Free Solent or visit our website

Frack Free Solent March Newsletter and public meeting 15/03/14

FFS_001Here’s a roundup of what’s been happening locally, plus upcoming Frack Free Solent events for March.

Don’t forget to check our website for up to date info, news & more.

Markwells Wood

We are regularly monitoring the site at Markwells Wood, Forestside – a few hundred yards north of the T-junction here  – .

The oil & gas exploration site is owned by Northern Petroleum (50%), Magellan Petroleum (40%) and Egdon Resources (10%) with NP holding operator status on the site.  With their planning permission for further exploration renewed until March 2015, we believe Northern Petroleum will be investigating the possibility of hydrocarbon extraction using fracking.  We have spoken to many local residents, who are very concerned at the prospect of having an industrial fracking site on their doorstep – despite the best attentions of Northern’s PR firm taking many of them out to lunch, sending presents etc.

Frack Free Solent is organising a public meeting for local residents on Saturday 15 March from 10am – 12pm at Forestside & Stansted Village Hall (just opposite Christ Church, on the road to Stansted Park – Please pass this information onto anyone living locally who would be interested in finding out more about what fracking could mean for the area.

Frack Free Solent. – Benefit Music Nights

FFS_001Frack Free Solent – Benefit Music Nights

We have two benefit music nights coming up soon, put on to raise funds for the costs of campaigning against fracking – printing leaflets, hiring halls.


Saturday 8 March 7.30pm

SEIZE THE DAY Internationally known radical English acoustic band with global roots – don’t miss them!

“The musical voice of the environmental movement” – Satish Kumar, Resurgence Magazine

“Folk-rock with a radical edge, the band of choice of the direct action and environmental movements” – Caroline Lucas, Green Party MEP

Plus support band Wheels of the World & guest appearance by Vanessa Vine, Balcombe campaigner.

St Faiths Parish Hall, The Pallant, Havant PO9 1BE – Map

Advance tickets £8/£5 concessions/£16

Please share our facebook event page
Ticket price includes a light supper (veggie). Soft drinks and licensed bar available. All proceeds go to Frack Free Solent.

Friday 14 March 7.30pm

ROBB JOHNSON of the Anti-Capitalist Roadshow

British musician and songwriter, who has been called “one of the last genuinely political songwriters”, and is known for his mix of political satire and wit.  He has his own record label, Irregular Records, and has released more than 30 albums either solo or in several collaborations. Member of the Anti-Capitalist Roadshow singers & songwriters collective

“The real deal when it comes to songwriting” – Mike Harding, BBC Radio2

“An English original” – Robin Denselow, The Guardian

Plus support from Chris Bluemel of radical English acoustic band Seize the Day

In the Gun Room at the RMA Tavern, 58 Cromwell Road, Eastney, Portsmouth PO4 9PN – Map

Tickets in advance from Jenny Flintoft email or 023 9241 358 – £8/£6 concessions.

All proceeds go to Frack Free Solent.

I’m proud to be an “enemy of progress”

The inspiring battle against fracking currently taking place in Balcombe is rapidly unravelling some of the illusions people have about the society they live in.

It is clear for all to see how big business dictates government policy and uses the police as publicly-funded private security to protect its own anti-social activities.

As opposition to fracking grows, and actions against it force the issue on to the public agenda, there has also been an increasingly hysterical tone to the reporting and commenting in much of the media, which has blown apart any pretence of neutrality and exposed to many the existence of corporate interests lurking behind the scenes.

Desperately trying to regain control of their readers’ opinions, the shrill cheer-leaders for the industry have been wheeling out everything from phoney stories about the harmlessness of fracking to endless attempts to denigrate the protesters, though they never seem sure from one day to the next whether to be dismissive, sneering or alarmist.

The scale and effectiveness of the protests are pushing this media propaganda machine over the cliff edge of invective.

A marvellous example of this can be seen in today’s DailyTelegraph. You can almost see the froth from the leader writer’s pursed purple lips flying out at you from the text as he (and it probably is a male) condemns all of us who have protested at Balcombe as a “shrieking chorus of environmental zealots”, a “travelling circus of protest”, “new Luddites”, “eco-loonies” and, in crowning red-faced triumph, “enemies of progress”!

Progress, eh? Now what do they mean by that? Obviously, by the Telegraph’s definition, it includes fracking. It will also include any other form of mineral extraction, whether in the south of England, the Niger delta or the Arctic.

It includes road-building, of course. And airport expansion. And massive new housing estates all over the countryside. And high-speed rail lines. And nuclear power stations. Anything where there’s money to be made.

Historically, “progress” has included the genocide and environmental disaster inflicted on North America by the invasion of European settlers. It has included the loss of the rainforests, the pollution of the oceans, the extinction of species after species.

In the future, “progress” will inevitably take us into a world barely imaginable, where there is hardly a drop of fresh water to drink or a gulp of uncontaminated air to gulp in.

The idea of “progress” extending infinitely into the future is insane on a finite planet, as has been so often, said, but still its adherents cling to it.

“Progress” is the attitude that places financial profit at the top of the list of priorities for the human race, that sets it up as the pinnacle of all that we can aspire to.

Money does not even exist, it’s all just tokens, but for the “progress” death cult, it is all that matters. The “economy” always trumps the Earth.

This is a complete inversion of the morality that has always been cherished by humankind. We care about nature, we care about animals and we care about the future we will leave behind for our children and grandchildren.

Not so for the hard-nosed peddlers of “progress”. It’s all about short-term gain, quantity rather than quality, endless machineries destroying the living flesh of our planet and converting it into massive piles of toxic rubbish, just to generate a bit more temporary wealth and privilege for a tiny elite.

Alongside all this is the mindset of “progress”, or what I’d be tempted to call the “mindtrap” if such a word existed.

The advocates of “progress” demand that we share their assumption that society’s movement towards greater and greater industrialisation and destruction is not only desirable but inevitable.

With the arrogance of unchallenged power, they assume that there is only one future for the human race, namely the one they have laid out for it.

Anyone who dares to dissent from their master plan does not even merit the courtesy of a reasoned discussion – just abuse, derision and baying bloodthirsty calls for violent state repression of their unauthorised opinions.

As I’ve said before, the advocates of “progress” attempt to tie their own interests into the very notion of time itself, implying that movement in this particular linear direction is as inevitable as the passing of the seasons, or centuries, or millennia.

Critics are dismissed out of hand with the claim that “you can’t turn the clock back” – and yet you obviously can, for a clock, though designed to measure the passage of time, is not time itself and, as an artificial creation of humanity, can be artificially manipulated to record whatever time we want it to.

Likewise we can step back from the false connection made between the thing they call “progress” to the actual progression of time, the dawning of new days.

The future is not yet written and we do not need to – indeed should never allow ourselves to – accept any particular vision of what it should be.

I, for one, cannot accept that we are condemned to sit by and watch our planetary life-support system torn apart, poisoned and irreversibly damaged – and certainly not on the say-so of the professional liars and placemen who pass themselves off as journalists and politicians in our debased and entirely undemocratic society.

I, for one, am proud to be a twenty-first century Luddite, proud to be a zealot for the protection of the planet, proud to be an enemy of their “progress”.

In fact, I would say that if you’re not an enemy of “progress” then you’re an enemy of life itself.

Right – no time to waste. I’m off to catch the train back to Balcombe.