The War on Drugs -What happened to The War on Poverty?

Change has to come. But it does not have to be bloody. Yes, local elections, won in large numbers, can change things if the Federal government allows the change. But at the same time, I am convinced, we must have cultural change in order for the practical changes to take hold. Otherwise there will be no understanding of the importance of the changes, and no will to make the sacrifices needed for the changes to come about.
1. Get people thinking in terms of cooperation -I am my Brother’s (and Sister’s) Keeper
2. Get people thinking in terms of humanity rather than indivuals:
1.) start using the Human Era (Holocene Calendar) (2014 AD = 12014 HE)
2.) start encouraging workers cooperatives, food coops, consumer coops, and babysitting coops
3.) teach everyone why Voluntary Simplicity is important, and walk together.
4.) share the facts that water can make you healthier, and share brown rice together at meals -Oh, yes: Share Meals together with neighbors and friends!

3. Petitions, letters and walking, of course. Walking to the library, coop, or work, and walking in peaceful demonstrations as well as walking to the offices of lawmakers.

Many more suggesions have obviously been made at the policy level by many people, such as stregthening the Public Library system and a single payer Universal Health Care System with housing reform that ensures we all have housing. This is all local level or State level implementation that winning local elections would help with, but education and cultural change cements. Even just starting to talk and think in different ways is a possible start.
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Courage of Convictions, Meaning, and Framing in Context of…

Community Cooperation. As Hillary Clinton pointed out, it does indeed take a village, a united sense of purpose, and conviction to give meaning to life, and to our way of life. We should learn to ask why, before we arrive at the twilight of our lives. A newly revived Civilian Conservation Corps would help accomplish that, mingling various classes as mandatory military service once did, but with the goal, now, of building, rather than destroying.

Much of my life has revolved around the ideals of service, duty, and honor embodied in the General´s West Point address, which I first read and found so inspiring as a cadet in both the Civil Air Patrol and Jr. ROTC. The text is available here:

That speech and the ideals it represents may be what got me kicked out of Annapolis, in fact. When I arrived at the Naval Academy, I expected the ideas I had been taught as a cadet to continue to the Brigade of Midshipmen and to the officer corps: Nobless Oblige, defend and support the weak, work together to serve the ideals that make our democracy great. But I found a very different reality there, and in questioning, earned the ire of both my upper classmen and several of my classmates to boot.

Contemplating the meaning of friendship, and the twilight of one´s life, I find that I have been told that I was out of touch, or had my head in the clouds, or lived life as the world should be rather than as it really is, been called a Crusader, over and over. The courage of my convictions remains with me, yet I tire of the struggle. What do I want from my life? Only to make that contribution which only I can make, to be a bridge, to help re-create the cooperation which existed, not only between communities, but to inspire people to recall and rebuild what was old Al Andalus, and the cooperation of La Convivencia. To gather and encourage people of good will and decency to promote cooperation and community for the sake of us all.

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Respect for Teachers == Respect for US All as a Society

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Generating more respect for teachers requires cultural change

People certainly should respect the difficult work that teachers do. This would probably be made easier if our children and adults understood what it takes to teach a person a useful and neccesary skill, from start to finish. Hence my proposal for a modern universal Rite of Passage. What we need our children to prove, upon recognition of adulthood, is not their prowess in battle or the hunt, not their virility, not their adeptness at social maneuvering, but their ability to contribute meaningfully to society by teaching another member of the community, from level 0, how to do something that is both difficult and absolutely neccessary in our society today. By requiring our children to teach some other person, child or adult, a needed life skill, over the course of about a year, this pre-adult shows persistence, perseverence, discernment, and of course, the key skill in question. A useful side effect of this is also that it would effectively increase (dramatically) the number of available tutors, and also lead to every adult in our society coming away with an understanding of the challenges involved in teaching anyone anything non-trivial. Thus we provide an esteem building excercise and respect building accomplishmen all in one go, which we then reward with full adult status, whatever the age of the adolescent in question. This obviously assumes that the kid has had opportunity to prove his or her good judgement in other ways as well, prior to seeking said recognition. This might help as one step of a series of steps implemented by and through local communities which could lead to more long-term thinking in society at large, given a critical mass and good faith in the ability of human kind to rise above our instincts, and learn to cooperate.

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In Service to Community Cooperation


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CCC and Cooperation: solving the underying issues that lead to war is the MEOW

Why do we need, in the USA, to recreate the Civilian Conservation Corps?  Because, we need challenges.   Of course, our society does have challenges, in spades.  War seems to be the ultimate challenge.  Yet war is preventable if we choose to find  ways to cooperate with one another.

William James said, in his 1910 essay entitled The Moral Equivalent of War, that:

“The war against war is going to be no holiday excursion or camping party.”

He was right, of course. Albert Einstein agreed. His “Two Percent Plan” admits that it is not easy to get even so small a number to lay down their arms. But a challenge for our society could come in another package, as we saw during the Great Depression. The discipline of ordinary people working together.

“We must make new energies and hardihoods continue the manliness to which the military mind so faithfully clings. Martial virtues must be the enduring cement; intrepidity, contempt of softness, surrender of private interest, obedience to …”



A new draft for the Civilian Conservation Corps would do that.
Challenge, discipline, cooperation, and infrastructure repairs to solve the deep and divisive problems that lead to war. More shortly.


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