Next Critical Mass 28th November

The mass itself aims to gather at 6.30 though rarely leaves before 7 (or is it 7.30 some times?)

This month, and probably other months too, some people are inviting each other to a pre-drink or just gathering:

Meet at Bernie Spain Gardens for a drink from 17.30pm and join Critical mass later on.

Upper Ground, SE1 9NW London, United Kingdom

June pre-mass

reposted from riseup

Hello CM,
Druid Cycles is coming with an improved more noisy sound system to the CM on Friday. We have an issue, we did also experienced in the past. The Mass is riding fast, sometimes splitting into 3 or more sections and our sound system is unable to catch up and we have to pull out and go home early. Maybe this message will reach a few riders and it would be nice, to ride with a less fast ride, which stays together for the lengths of the ride.

20th Anniversary T-shirt

Will you buy one? Feel free to comment.

The 20th london critical mass anniversary is in the 25th of April 2014.

Here’s a suggested design for the 20th anniversary ride. Published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence at wikia
Feel free to use it.