Above the Law – No Prosecution For Attorney’s Embezzlement

Everybody should have such good friends in high places. Mebane was disbarred from the practice of law in May of 2012. How long is the statute of limitations? Mebane was formerly a member of the partnership firm of Hamrick, Bowen, Mebane, Greenway, and Lloyd. HBM&L was reorganized with the departure of Brad Greenway who was elected District Attorney.



Mebane embezzled approximately $135,000 from his two trust accounts as well as not collecting taxes as required on his employees.  As a result of Mebane’s misappropriation, at least one client of the firm was deprived of funds to which the client was entitled: In January 2011, HBM&L client Rutherford Hospital attempted to deposit a check for $71,340.32, which represented entrusted funds that should have been held in the HBM&L general trust account for the Hospital’s benefit.

Mebane was has yet to  be prosecuted for the embezzlement of attorney Robert Mebane.

Small Town Friendly – the Sheriff without a Gun

Welcome to The Catalyst. Thanks to Gayle who opened up the doors up to real news. Yeah, she got a lot of criticism, but people read her blog. People became aware of what was happening in our county. Unlike Gayle, we are not willing to be threatened by people with nothing better to do, suffer the ignorant fools who made so many wrong decisions in their elected offices or have our homes broken into to find out the sources of information.  Thank you Gayle for your service to this community. We hope to do you proud.

We are willing to ask questions, share the information we uncover, and start building a community of informed voters, honest government, and conscious community. Wake up sheeple.

What a fiasco the sheriff’s department had over the Forest City standoff on Monday August 4.  Seems Sheriff Chris Francis did not even show up until the press conference the next day. Why not? Could he not have left that training session, banquet or Hendersonville gathering to lead his team? Of course, there was that unnamed (LG) lieutenant who retreated at the first sound of gunfire to knock over another deputy, step over him while running from the scene of the crime and in the process lose his gun clip.

A negotiator tried unsuccessfully to get Marks to come outside the house where he was holed up. Marks fired at deputies when they tried to enter using a ballistic shield. The deputies continued negotiations, but also contacted the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office to borrow an armored vehicle. What happened to Rutherford County’s armored vehicle? However the retreating lieutenant ordered that the Henderson County armored vehicle  not be used as it would cause too much damage to the home. Eventually the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office used tear gas to get Marks to surrender.

While we are not experts at law enforcement, we still ask why they could NOT just have waited this guy out? Meth wears off; there were no hostages; people get sleepy. SMH  The SBI is required to come in when an officer is shot. However, don’t count on seeing any report since the sheriff doesn’t release information-especially if it implicates anyone in his department.

Happy birthday to Sheriff Chris Francis  who also had two old unresolved cases pay him visits at his office this week as well. A cover-up doesn’t last forever. Just wait to see the lawsuits that come out from this.

The online group demanding reform for Animal Control had a large turnout at their meeting at the Ultimate Basement. The three groups will have to speak with one voice to get changes made at the facility. Neither Sheriff Chris Francis nor Lt. Leon Godlock were in attendance to answer over 100 citizens’ questions.  Former sheriff and candidate Jack Conner was present and shared his ideas on the animal shelter.  This larger voter block in attendance portends change in leadership at the sheriff’s office.

Oh, geez, add to that the “resignation” of yet another deputy who allegedly had boxing practice with his spouse. Aggression, excessive violence, and instability – could these be signs of steroid use in our sheriff’s department? Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Need a speeding ticket fixed? Go ask Brad Greenway in the District Attorney’s office. Another Facebook group published a document where Brad used his prosecutor discretion to not prosecute a 54 mph ticket in a 35 mph zone for a Word of Faith minister. Whatever you do, don’t ask about speeding tickets in the Clerk of Court’s office! Little boxes left unchecked and missing notations can get someone fired.

Y’all come back soon, ya heah?