Happy Thanksgiving to everyone helping to make positive changes in policing for the ASU community! ASU Police Lost Two of the Biggest “Turkeys” in 2014 due to your efforts.

ASU Police Thanksgiving! Lost two of our biggest turkeys and we're not missing them!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who contributed to positive change after 14 years of __________!

A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who contributed to the pursuit of truth, demanded straight answers from public officials reluctant to give them, and who uncovered what a wayward government entity would rather hide despite the laws of transparency. The working employees of ASU Police and the public owe you a debt of gratitude.

Thank you, Anne Ryman, Rob O’Dell, Stuart Warner, Emilie Eaton, D.S. Woodfill, Jim Romenesko, and Sundevilsagainstsexualassault. Your efforts have sped up the process of change towards accountability in public safety at ASUPD. We also thank the employees of ASUPD who realized that change can only come from the outside and had the courage and intelligence to pursue it and contact the media, post on the Integrity Report, despite the bullies, internal threats, and paper tigers of intimidation. The year 2014 has been productive, but we are nowhere near where we need to be within the Arizona State University Police Department so the fight continues, the exposure will continue, and we will double our efforts. Stand by!

2014 News Articles to date:

1. ASU police staffing trails campus growth – AZCentral.com


2. ASU, ASUPD under Federal Investigation


3. ASU, community-college police got military surplus


4. ASU Police Officers Have 70 Semi-Automatic M-16s They Don’t Need


5. ASU police plan to return surplus M-16 assault rifles


6. ASU police on heightened alert after violent sexual assault…


7. ASU names new chief for embattled campus police force


8. Sexual assaults at ASU rarely result in expulsions


9. Embarrassment a bad reason for government to redact facts


10. Arizona State University won’t let the Arizona Republic see sexual assault victims’ names


11. ASU Flouts Arizona Law, Refusing to Turn Over the Names of 36 Sexual Assault Victims


12. Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault (Not an article, but plenty of good information about the problem of sexual assault at ASU)


13. Coming soon…

Editorial: What do we stand for? Integrity, accountability, and competency at ASUPD.


Fresh off the heels of the Arizona Republic‘s investigation into ASUPD’s staffing levels, it was apparent that Chief Thompson was fretting over the negative media exposure. Thompson sent out several long winded and bizarrely worded emails to the entire department…at 2330 hours….on a Sunday evening:

Acting Chief Clown Thompson email

Here’s our response to Chief Thompson’s email:

Your highly emotional and generic email response to the solid facts presented by the Arizona Republic article is proof that you are not a leader; you more than likely wrote this to appease your bosses who are probably starting to figure out you’re not the man for the job. The troops know you’re just another reactionary Pickens-styled politician who is scared and doesn’t know what to do.

The lengthy analogy of washing your hands in comparison to the ASU Police department works…but not in a positive way for you. We’ve been standing under the scalding water for years getting burned, waiting for a competent leader to turn the department around. New officers can sense it too; most want to get in and leave the agency before they get burned. It doesn’t take them long to figure this out. (Look at the record of employee turnover, it proves this theory, yet it is one more fact you don’t want to acknowledge)

New officers have heard and seen many so examples of officers who have been burned by the department’s management for any number of reasons, with the main reason as not being a member of “the clique”. No matter how bad you screw up, no matter how bad you treat others, you have someone to support you. Yet, you refuse to address the clique’s existence or their inability to be held accountable for anything, instead throwing out a broad statement about how we need to treat everyone with “dignity and respect”. Most all of us treat each other with respect, but there are a handful of people who can’t seem to understand that concept, which in turn destroys the morale of the department.

If you weren’t addressing the department clique with your warm and fuzzy  statements, then this is your attempt to explain away what has taken place under both your and Pickens’ watch.  Your words are meaningless to us all without any sort of follow up action.

The current command staff pride themselves on a negative management style of inbred cronyism. This cronyism may work at a backwoods sheriff department in a town with a population of 10, but it doesn’t work in a large, ever-expanding city like Tempe. Values such as integrity, accountability, and competency in management are required in a department like ASUPD in order for officers to stay engaged here. How many of the dozens of officers hired under Pickens still remain at ASUPD? Maybe a handful?

Thompson, you are getting paid a lot of money to sit at a desk, have meetings, and do a lot of excuse making for the state of affairs at ASUPD. We had 14 years of that. For years we have been waiting for someone that gets results. For years we have been waiting for staffing,  adequate training, and more equipment; but more importantly, our leadership deficit has been the most critical issue of this department.

Thompson, you ended the email with, “each of us serve a noble purpose and I ask you to never forget that and always remain worthy of wearing the uniform or serving within the police department.” As our leader, we the troops are waiting for you to serve a noble purpose, and to remain worthy of wearing the uniform or serving within the police department.

So far we haven’t seen it.

Epílogo del libro 10 cuentos cortos contra la autoridad.

A invitación de los compañeros de El Aguijón y Creación Libertaria escribí este epílogo para este libro que lanzarán en la próxima feria del libro anarquista de Medelllín el 9 de mayo.


 La literatura libertaria no solo es una fuente de inspiración sino también una forma de expresión para las que anhelamos un mundo donde la solidaridad y no la autoridad sea la norma. De hecho, ningún cambio social será posible si no se construye desde la cultura: tal vez las insurrecciones sucedan y momentos de efervescencia popular pasen, pero la transformación de la sociedad solo se logrará mediante un cambio de la forma en como las sociedades se comportan, y buena parte de ello depende en las transformaciones culturales que se hagan para ello. Algunas podrán preferir la teoría, otras la historia, pero si hay algo claro es que la literatura es la forma preferida de lejos por buena parte de las personas, y promover la literatura libertaria es uno de los aciertos más importantes en este momento en que necesitamos con tanta urgencia un cambio cultural, una nueva forma de relacionarnos. Continue reading “Epílogo del libro 10 cuentos cortos contra la autoridad.”

Antología de Poesia Anarquista (prólogo).

 Prologo de la antología de poesía anarquista en dos tomos. Lanzamiento en junio 2 del 2013 en la Feria del Libro Anarquista en Medellín. Lanzamiento el 19 de junio del 2013 en A seis Manos en Bogotá.
 Insumisos, insurrectas, subversivos, rebeldes, insurgentes, conspiradoras, revolucionarios, agitadoras, libertarios, anarquistas… los ha habido en todas las culturas y desde tiempos inmemoriales, incluso, en aquellos lugares donde el terror ha campeado poderoso y altivo, instaurando el prejuicio como su mejor arma para sostener los anhelados “equilibrios”. De esos particulares personajes, nos han contado las mitologías, los relatos épicos, los tratados históricos, los textos religiosos, y no precisamente para exaltarlos o recordarlos con respeto y dignidad; por el contrario, para iniciar con ellas la reseña de los proscritos y enjuiciar sus actos como entorpecedores de los imaginados “paraísos perdidos”.

Lanzamiento del Libro: “Anarquismo y Poder Popular en América Latina”

n estos dìas de desfalcos millonarios, de salud y educación prestadas (cuando no mendigadas), de sentir que nos mienten en la cara una y otra vez, estos dias en que es imposible dejar de percibir que las cosas no andan bien… algunos y algunas aun no perdemos las esperanzas de que lo podemos hacer diferente, recuperando lo que nunca debimos dejarnos quitar, peliando con las otras por ello, volviendo a soñar que la autonomía y la solidaridad son posibles.

Por estás razones es que con terquedad hemos iniciado un nuevo proyecto editorial para plasmar en el papel esos sueños y provocar con más palabras en el debate la necesidad imperante de actuar.

Lxs estamos invitando al lanzamiento del Libro: “Anarquismo y Poder Popular en América Latina” que se llevarà a cabo el próximo sábado 23 de julio en el Centro Social ubicado en la carrera 17 No. 50-23 (lo ubicaran por que en la entrada hay un grafiti de una mujer lanzando flechas) a las 5:00 de la tarde. Por este día de lanzamiento el libro tendrá un costo de 10.000 pesos, después de ello valdra 15.000.

Esperamos que puedan pasar y así apoyar sueños de resistencia que quieren ser amaneceres de libertad.


Editorial Un Gato Negro y Distribuidora Libertaria Rojinegro.

Nueva publicación

Que es eso de la anarquia? Recopilación de textos de Kropotkin, Goldman, Malatesta y Bookchim. Desde muchos angulos y variadas reflexiones se intenta respodner a la pregunta: ¿que es la anarquía?.
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