This month will see the return of the (6th) annual Bristol Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday 26th April 2014 at the Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd, BS2 0NW. The following advert is from their blog:

“As politicians proclaim ‘economic recovery’, the gap between rich and poor in Britain continues to grow. It’s not surprising really. Another housing bubble, combined with Cameron’s ‘permanent austerity’ package was unlikely to do much for anyone but the top 10%. As we continue to bailout the bankers and the true extent of MPs (false) expense claims becomes clear, those worst affected by cuts are demonised as ‘scroungers’.

To shift attention from the real fraudsters, the right-wing press fuels immigration hysteria – another vulnerable group is criminalised, and the borders are increasingly fortified. Despite the recent floods and the scientific consensus on climate change, the state and corporate response is to extract more fossil fuel by ‘fracking’.

All over the world, resistance and experimental alternatives to this broken system are well under way. From everyday resistance enacted in the home, workplace or school, to more spectacular forms of direct action. From a thousand spanners in the works to a million spades in the earth, people are occupying, creating and organising new ways of living without hierarchy, domination and capitalism.”


They go on a bit, but we thought best to stop there, before you start to think it’s not a bookfair but a kind of hippie therapy sesh. As it is, there will be over 60 stalls, a large discussion room, 30+ workshops (the programme is up here)/activities, a Radical History Zone and the Permanent Culture Now marquee. There will also be freshly cooked food by Kebele Cafe & Anarchist Teapot, and some Kids space and outside adventure playground, too. And we at BARF will be there, too, of course.

So spread the word.bnr3


Repeated from Trade Onion:

“In the mid 1990s when I was 18 and studying A-Levels in rural Lincolnshire one of my teachers told me about Freedom Bookshop and the newspaper.  It seemed a long way away at the time.  He had a stash of anarchist literature hidden away in the school and when he realised I was heading to London Guildhall Uni (now London Metropolitan Uni) he told me that the bookshop was just around the corner.  I ended up visiting a few times over the three years I studied there and always got a copy of the paper.  The last full regular issue is out now and the collective running the paper has taken the decision to operate online from now on.  That brings to an end a physical publication that’s been running since 1886.  Buy the last ever full paper issue!

The last issue has made me want more.  I’m glad we’re not losing Freedom as an outlet for anarchist views because whilst it’s almost impossible to print relevant news stories on a monthly basis (as things change so quickly and people tend to get their news with more immediacy) the comment and range of articles in that final edition are fantastic.  I’m not sure whether the new version will be updated regularly or have a set publication schedule but in whatever form it now takes I hope the collective seek to expand not just the range but also the depth of articles.  Clearly getting more writers will be key to the new version. People interested in contributing can contact them via copy[at]

In the final edition there are articles on anarchist ideals regarding education, skip diving for food, civil rights, plus book and movie reviews. There’s also an article about evolutionary naturalism and social anarchism as well as updates from around the world.  It’s a good read.  I really hope Freedom prospers in its new form, not for the sake of nostalgia but for the sake of needing a journal that captures anarchism in its widest sense and one in which the ideas inherent in the philosophy and action of anarchism can be spread and understood better.

Here’s to the journal of anarchist socialism!”