Not in my back yard.


NIMBYs have a tendency to react with shock and surprise when they find there’s a bigger world out there and such proved the case with the Swanage flavour of this species on January 13th.

Apparently those nasty Eneco people are going to plonk a bloody great wind farm about 9 miles off the coast of Swanage, spoiling their sea views; of course it would be much better installed on someone else’s patch and it’s all a con and a conspiracy and inefficient blaah blaah blaah.

Of course Eneco are capitalists, and whilst we would prefer that sustainable energy was a resource built, owned and run by the community it will serve, and free at the point of delivery, that ain’t gonna happen right now.

Meantime the planet continues to cook and Dorset continues to get away with putting bugger all into the national grid, freeloading off of the working class communities that live in the shadow of coal, gas, oil fired and nuclear power stations in other parts of the UK.

Imagine the look on their faces when hoards of fluffy greenies turned up at their little ‘we don’t want a wind farm in our twee little town’ demo on the 13th to put the case for sustainable energy, with windmills, carnival dragons, colourful kites and all the rest of it. The look on the collective NIMBY mug was priceless and their link hands protest, having been cobbled together by the usual hi-tech methods of shop window displays, word of mouth and a paragraph or two in the local rag was thrown into total disarray. They didn’t quite know how to deal with rightfully angry counter-demonstrators who forced them to look at such ungainly things as livid jugglers and musicians entertaining them.

Still, when their megatoff tory MP, man of the people Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax (WTF!) turned up to dry their tears, reassuring them that their little bit of the planet was exempt from trying to arrest the effects of climate change, they felt a bit better and had a good shout at the fluffies who just juggled and sang a little more.

The NIMBY wannabe toffs retired to their clubs and bars, and discussed the fact that world was bit bigger than they thought it was; maybe they’d better widen their world vision and stop marrying their cousins if they are to have any stake in the future.

UK Uncut call out 8 Dec. Refuge from the cuts – target Starbucks!


UK Uncut event page

From UK Uncut: “It’s time for the government to wake up and smell the coffee. Women have had enough of being attacked by a cabinet of millionaires. But there is a refuge from the cuts. Join us on Saturday 8th December to transform the tax dodger Starbucks into services women depend on, such as refuges and crèches. Check the actions page to find an action near you. If there isn’t one, we’ve got a step-by-step guide on how you can organise one yourself.”

Actions all over our area including Bath, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Bristol call outs 14th and 18th November.

Bristol Anti-cuts alliance:

On Wednesday November 14th, the European Trade Union Confederation has called a European Day of Action and Solidarity against austerity. Workers in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus & Malta are staging an International General Strike. In other countries workers will take action. At the initiative of Greeks and Spaniards living and working in Bristol, local activists and trades unionists are holding a solidarity protest on the Centre near Neptune’s statue from 5pm.

Please come if you can. Bring banners. All welcome.

Facebook event

For more information email admin@bristolanticutsalliance.

Bristol Solidarity Federation are planning to hold a protest picket against stores that continue to use the Workfare programme to recruit unpaid labour.

This will be held on Sunday 18th November 2012. Commencing 11.30am and we plan to finish at 1.00pm. We asking people to gather outside Poundland, 42 – 46 East Street, Bedminster. As part of our on-going campaign we are nationally targeting Poundland but we also recognise that other stores continue to profit from this source of free labour. Others that operate in Bedminster include Asda, Greggs,  McDonald’s, Poundstretcher, Savers, Shoe Zone, Super Drug and Wilkinsons.

We would like to call on your support to apply pressure to these stores.

Solidarity forever

Bristol Solidarity Federation.

Fash struggle to get it up in Walthamstow – but the cops still love ‘em!

The far-right’s tactic of marching their piss-artist ‘street army’ into places where they have no constituency whatsoever has finally run into the law of diminishing returns, it now seems the only people who still want to see fascists on our streets are the police.

Fewer than 200 eddles emerged from Blackhorse road station, and a sit-down protest by We Are Waltham Forest, kettled by babylon at the junction of Forest Road and Hoe Street, stopped them in their tracks. For the next 5 hours they were herded in ever-decreasing circles around the back streets, fighting amongst themselves. Locals and Antifa covered the area in small groups causing the cops to block one road after another. Unable to reach the rally point where their leaders were besieged by a hostile crowd, the march was turned back to the station. We gathered again to see them off, and after seemingly endless police manouvres, a sorry-looking and much depleted handful of drunks shambled past us.

Once again the state proved itself entirely complicit; as the fascists approached the junction an AFN banner was unfurled ouside the kettle, and plod reacted as if we’d produced an RPG, trying to take it off us then shoving us back into the wall. A firework-throwing fascist was allowed to proceed whilst one of our comrades was held for 12 hours for allegedly responding with an empty plastic bottle, another was witnessed being punched in the head after having been handcuffed.

What’s more, its worth noting that the the labour council allowed the EDL to put up a fucking gazebo in the town hall! We can’t see them doing that for anarchists or our local anti-cuts group; in fact the council have been having a pop at the anti-cuts group for even doing stalls.

The EDL is a spent force, and like the capitalist system that spawned it, survives only by the intervention of the state; but as capitalism breathes its last fascism will continue to be peddled as an alternative, mainly because it’s easier to sell to thick people than freedom. The imperative to stamp out bigotry in our communities and unite the working class is greater than ever.

If any FIT are reading this, you’ve got better pictures of our lovely banner than we have; send ’em in and we’ll give you a credit, ta.

Picture gallery

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