Critical Mass London 27 March 2015

cm0117 miles of awesomeness!!
17 miles from South Bank to Tower Bridge at 11pm

Great Critical Mass last Friday 27th, and a moving tribute to Alan Cartwright, on Caledonian Road where he was stabbed and killed while riding his bike.

The mass went: left out of south bank, head up to london bridge for occupy, cross the river and head up through the City to Kings X, and Caledonian Rd to pay respects to Alan Cartright then over to Regent St for Michael Mason. Continue reading “Critical Mass London 27 March 2015”

Critical Mass London 27 February 2015

A very respectable 17 miles from South Bank to Paternoster Square 3 and a half hours later

google maps pic

Thought the minute silence in Victoria at the site of the fatal crash the other week was quite moving. Having several hundred people go from massive rowdy dancing crowd listening to 4 or 5 different sound systems to utter quiet in what seemed like a heart beat was amazing.

Critical Mass London 26 December 2014

There weren’t even 300 Spartans at the Boxing Day Mass tonight – just about 25 of us. We sheltered under Waterloo Bridge, waiting for some stragglers. We thencm02 set out about 7:30, heading east past the Shard and then across Tower Bridge and through the City. We seemed to finish at Granary Square where some went to the Grain Store and others hung out in Central St Martins. Continue reading “Critical Mass London 26 December 2014”

Critical Mass London 31 October 2014

cm01The October mass is always unusual. The winter rides are more intimate, a small tight group heading together *somewhere* and everyone looking out for everyone else. Each month is different.

This month, Critical Mass rode a little over 20km from Waterloo Bridge till St George’s Circus.

A video from youtube:

It was very drawn out, but at the same time it was a very busy, well attended night. The vibe was good,the sounds rocked, and numbers were impressive.

There is no collective thought so ignore all these opinions, they are personal and not representative of the mass.
Continue reading “Critical Mass London 31 October 2014”

April 2014 Critical Mass 20th anniversary

mass00If Critical Mass starts every last Friday of the month with the gathering under Waterloo Bridge, then last night it started well before 6pm, with small bunches of cyclists ready to celebrate teh 20th anniversary and already making passers by mystified by such meeting.

The anniversary t-shirts came at around that time, and given out for a donation.

cm03At around 7 the mass started to move to the Waterloo roundabout, on Waterloo bridge and towards the tunnel, which this time was closed off and made for a little slow to start, but this allowed everyone a chance to chat and socialise.

cm01The mass rode through the West End and on to Buckingham Palace, where the mass stopped for the usual mini-party, impressing some bystanders along the way – the following link is a youtube video but the comment is just as worth it:

It seemed the mass was heading to Knightsbridge but it made a U-turn, heading back to the West End, this time Picadilly, where there was yet another U-turn, and on to Trafalgar Square – another mini party.

cm02From there it head West to Battersea Park, with the mass somewhat lowered in numbers, and from there back to Waterloo.

All throughout the ride, some had their phone sharing location for the whole ride, so late-comers could catch up: cm05!criticalmasslondon how-to

Report on Urban75:

TfL also reported on the ride: twitter TfL

TfLtwit25042014Pictures and maybe video:





Comments on Twitter

Video and comment on YT:


I happened to run into this massive gathering cm09of bikers and skaters at Buckingham Palace while I was simply wandering! Turns out it’s the 20th anniversary for a bike ride called Critical Mass. There were COUNTLESS participants. What a wild thing to see!

Some reports and comments from FB:

cm11A great experience overall – thanks everybody
Tonight’s Mass was great!
What a 1 hell of the mass.
Gotta say that was ridiculous fun with some banging tunes to have the mass on another level.
Big thanks to Icame Isawi Steve for making the Mass birthday profile adverts
Loved the party atmosphere despite being slightly damp.
Thought the U turns were chaotically anarchically good humoured awesomeness.
Loved the swarms of people who helped pacify impatient drivers by simply smothering them with quiet passive peaceful numbers.
*most* motorists were quite well behaved, with the occasional exception.

Main thing for next time though; guys at the front, don’t shoot off once you’re through a bottleneck. You need to keep it slow so that no gaps form in the mass, otherwise we just end up spread out and with vehicles able to sneak in.

Thank you London, that was beautiful.