How much money is ASU’s FTO program bleeding? A TON.

We created a basic breakdown of all the costs (approximated!) associated with hiring a new police officer; the data shown here lists all new PO hires as of 2011.

The total expenditures for each employee are comprised of fees associated with hiring/background, cost to send a new person to ALEA, their salary while in the academy, equipment, 12 hours of firearms training (qualification with handgun, shotgun, and less-lethal), salary while on FTO, and miscellaneous costs (the table includes an average of 2 hours of comp time paid to FTOs, based on a $45,000/year salary).

What didn’t we include?

We did not factor in the cost of benefits paid to employees throughout training, which can vary depending on several factors. We also didn’t include the salaries of the FTO training Sergeants which oversee the FTO programs (at $70,000 each, approximately). We attempted to make this list inclusive of every officer hired since 2011, but there’s been so many, we may have missed one (let us know if that is the case). We also lowballed the approximations in cost for employee salaries, etc, for the sake of fairness. Regardless, the numbers speak for themselves!

The second file shows a summation of money spent on officers since 2011 who have quit (or “failed”). It’s pretty staggering to see how much money ($414,708!) ASU has been spent on employees who ultimately “couldn’t be trained” or ran out after they saw how low morale is at ASUPD.

ASU Cost Analysis

ASU Cost Analysis 2

In case there are any students reading this: FYI, between 25-50% of the salaries of police employees are funded by revenue generating parts of the university, including tuition. No wonder why tuition keeps rising; ASUPD needs more money to waste!

ASUPD: so desperate for officers, they’re hiring a recruiter!!

Unable to trick anymore police aides into applying for recruit police officer positions (and desperate for more bodies), ASUPD is looking to hire a recruiter to help solve its staffing issues.

Interested in the position?

You’ll need at LEAST a Bachelor’s degree in business PLUS two years of experience, you’ll need to know how to get unsuspecting job hunters to drink the ASU Kool-Aid, AND you’ll need to go through the same hiring process as a police officer (ie, background check AND polygraph).

Did we mention the starting salary is $29,725?! You’d make LESS than the starting salary for the police aide position, but you’d need a degree?! I don’t even think desperate ASU grads would fall for this mess.

How many times do we need to say it?

All the staffing increases and pay increases in the world will not solve the morale issue at ASUPD. There has been FAR too much mismanagement done at the hands of Pickens, and there are too many deep-rooted issues for ASU to ignore now. Remove the top tier of the department and some of Chief’s “special friends” and you will instantly fix the department morale problem.

The irony of this situation? ASU advertised the recruiter position on