Who’s Your Confidante?

When I cleaned house…or at least got it started…and I finally got things down to what I needed to share with another person, one reason I came up with about why I didn’t need to share this was….that pieces of it I had shared with different people already throughout my life.  In other words, there is a group of people that taken together know all my secrets.  But…there wasn’t just ONE that knew the whole story.

The thing about getting current with a single confidante…is that they know it all…then if I stay transparent with them…and keep them updated on all the new things that are going on….if something goes wacky I can talk with them and don’t have to say “OK…let me catch you up.” So once a problem comes along we don’t have to spend a lot of time on what went wrong (I mean we still analyze it) we can spend most of the time on the solution.

Most of the time my solutions have to do with considering three things:


I’ll post more on these later…and it will, as I seems to me right now, become a theme.