(A song)

I lie ahead, mirage of a future without end
I lie ahead, nothing that I cannot heal or mend
I’m always here, though you never can see me
I’m always near, and as far as far can be

I lie between, weaving through your days and through your dreams
I lie between, nothing is what nothing ever seems
Hold on to me, and my strength will see you through
Hold on to me, as you feel my hold on you

I lie behind, offering sweet solace from the past
I lie behind, gathering the days that couldn’t last
Yes I’m to blame, for the tide that takes it all
You curse my name, as I fail, I fade, I fall

I lie beyond, holding and enfolding what you are
I lie beyond, the living light of your extinguished star
Don’t ask me how, I am you and you are me
No here or now, in serene eternity
No here or now, in serene eternity