‘interfering with nature’ or ‘the difficulty of the off-line life in an emergency’

So being the only one of our nearest crew that didn’t have a potentially killer dog or cat I was enrolled as protector of the tiny bird that had been found on the tow path. In separation I have an idea that maybe its best to leave the little bird be and ‘oh isn’t it sad, but that’s nature’ but when you can actually see the tiny, tiny little fluffy dude right there making its squeaky screech, well then I get all soppy and decide that I’m going to try and keep him alive.


That’s when it gets complicated. Normally I would have jumped on the internet and found out what to do, but without I just had to wing it. We decided that dog food might be a good food for it, given that its meaty and mushy, and I tried to poke in its little beak when it was calling out for food. I noticed that it would open its mouth if I swooped my arm down from the point of light to the edge of the bowl.

After getting lots of late advice from friends that were online I found this page for the future: http://www.2ndchance.info/insecteater.html

Sadly Dogfood didn’t make it through the night. I think I might have overfed him which make me feel sad and miserable. I would like to have known what type of bird he was.