Who has control?

They have control, yes them. The people you don’t see, whos services you use, news you read, and lies you may belive!

A very small number of Corporations provide and sell to you every day.  So…?  Well – these same Corps makes lots and lots….. lots and lots, shit loads more and some more, and massive amounts of more money!  Money that they keep, don’t really do much with (because the have some much already), money that they use to stand on top of and look down on the poor, the real poor.

These Corps have control, control through services and consumerism.  Making profit from goods that humans can not go without is a crime, simple!  Its thieft, taking and driving away, nicking your shit and keeping it for themselves.

By doing this, they have  a massive amount of control over us. Control that makes us get up, go to work, buy food, use the internet, read, watch and listen to the news.  Alot of people wanna be just like them, have all that money, just like them, buy loads of luxuries just like them. 

Thats control, control over us, to fight each other in order to aim to be like them.

We have the power, but we don’t use it, we don’t have control, they do! We need to take control, its only us who knows what we need!