Artist Hong Sung-dam supports Gangjeong villagers 

On 17 April 2015, artist Hong Sung-dam holds the flag to show his support to Gangjeong villagers in front of his impressive artwork. It had to be recreated before the exhibition in Berlin as the Korean courier refused to deliver his artwork due to its ‘political’ nature.

Further details about the exhibition are available from [English] [English/German/Korean] [German]


Pechblenda – – OnN RadioO OnnN with Last Dominion Lost

Broadcasting from 22h till 00h with Adrian and Jason in Brave Ear Radio on Radio On.

Next to Last Dominion Lost we presented Calafou (place where we live) and Pechblenda Lab (place where we experiment, fuck and fail).

We also listenned to some tracks, a special one just recorded with a mobile phone yesterday niteeeee jjjjjjj  The cOme BacK.

We did not know about Last Dominion Lost and wanna kno more!! we also heard some of their great dark tracks.

So it was a nice full nittte , even if we were expecting to finish the nite making a live sesssionnn with or without them :)