How much money is ASU’s FTO program bleeding? A TON.

We created a basic breakdown of all the costs (approximated!) associated with hiring a new police officer; the data shown here lists all new PO hires as of 2011.

The total expenditures for each employee are comprised of fees associated with hiring/background, cost to send a new person to ALEA, their salary while in the academy, equipment, 12 hours of firearms training (qualification with handgun, shotgun, and less-lethal), salary while on FTO, and miscellaneous costs (the table includes an average of 2 hours of comp time paid to FTOs, based on a $45,000/year salary).

What didn’t we include?

We did not factor in the cost of benefits paid to employees throughout training, which can vary depending on several factors. We also didn’t include the salaries of the FTO training Sergeants which oversee the FTO programs (at $70,000 each, approximately). We attempted to make this list inclusive of every officer hired since 2011, but there’s been so many, we may have missed one (let us know if that is the case). We also lowballed the approximations in cost for employee salaries, etc, for the sake of fairness. Regardless, the numbers speak for themselves!

The second file shows a summation of money spent on officers since 2011 who have quit (or “failed”). It’s pretty staggering to see how much money ($414,708!) ASU has been spent on employees who ultimately “couldn’t be trained” or ran out after they saw how low morale is at ASUPD.

ASU Cost Analysis

ASU Cost Analysis 2

In case there are any students reading this: FYI, between 25-50% of the salaries of police employees are funded by revenue generating parts of the university, including tuition. No wonder why tuition keeps rising; ASUPD needs more money to waste!

ASUPD unveils its “Change for Chumps” program (aka employee referral program).

Just when we all thought ASUPD couldn’t sink to a new low…

…today ASU unveiled a new desperation tactic tool in its futile attempt to salvage the ASU Police Department known as “Change for Chumps” (or the employee referral program).

How does this work?

One simply has to work for ASU as a faculty or staff member and convince a family member, transient, etc to apply for ASUPD; upon the family member/transient’s successful completion of ASUPD’s field training, the referring faculty/staff member will receive $1500.

There are so many things wrong with this equation here…where to start?

  • Convincing someone with no interest in law enforcement whatsoever to sign up for a job they couldn’t care less about is definitely a great way to hire people that will stay in the PD for an extended period of time!


  • Assuming Joe Public can actually pass a background and complete the academy, will he be able to successfully complete FTO in a department that fails the majority of its trainees?
  • Beyond that, are there enough QUALIFIED FTOs (ones that are certified to train OITs) to train this influx of people?
  • Will this new person want to stay at ASUPD?

Chief Pickens continues to ignore what the majority of his officers (…and above!) think about the state of the police department, which is demonstrated by the number of employees he has quit on a weekly….DAILY…basis. All these GIMMICKS are NOT SOLVING ANY PROBLEMS!

Consider this blog as the mouthpiece for the silenced majority. Nothing that has been said on this blog is new information; it is comprised of things we think on a daily basis the moment we all step foot inside the department.

We know you and your “people” read this blog Chief. We know you’re in a state of panic because your New World Order has been disturbed, and you’re desperately trying to hide the fact you’ve let the department go to shit. Instead of trying to get bodies inside the door, why don’t you assess the reasons why they’re leaving in the first place?

No amount of pay raises or incentives you can dangle in front of our faces will change the fact that EVERYDAY we all come to work, we’re miserable.

We’re working in a hostile work environment, wondering when we’re going to get yelled at for coloring outside the lines; we’re prevented from seeing our families because we can’t take time off due to “staffing issues”; we’re so accustomed to seeing supervisors get praised for doing unethical or ILLEGAL activities regularly that we’ve lost faith in our chain of command for accountability; we’re so used to seeing new people who were once happy employees get their spirits broken that we can’t even interact normally with them anymore (what’s the point of getting to know someone who will be quitting in a month?); we’re used to seeing good talent run out the door; we’re so sick of working in a toxic environment that we’ve considered leaving law enforcement completely; most importantly, we are FED UP with a department that constantly ignores all common sense/logic and REFUSES to see the truth!

Until you really start to LISTEN to those under you, you’re essentially putting a band aid on an amputated limb.

ASUPD: so desperate for officers, they’re hiring a recruiter!!

Unable to trick anymore police aides into applying for recruit police officer positions (and desperate for more bodies), ASUPD is looking to hire a recruiter to help solve its staffing issues.

Interested in the position?

You’ll need at LEAST a Bachelor’s degree in business PLUS two years of experience, you’ll need to know how to get unsuspecting job hunters to drink the ASU Kool-Aid, AND you’ll need to go through the same hiring process as a police officer (ie, background check AND polygraph).

Did we mention the starting salary is $29,725?! You’d make LESS than the starting salary for the police aide position, but you’d need a degree?! I don’t even think desperate ASU grads would fall for this mess.

How many times do we need to say it?

All the staffing increases and pay increases in the world will not solve the morale issue at ASUPD. There has been FAR too much mismanagement done at the hands of Pickens, and there are too many deep-rooted issues for ASU to ignore now. Remove the top tier of the department and some of Chief’s “special friends” and you will instantly fix the department morale problem.

The irony of this situation? ASU advertised the recruiter position on

Sexual harassment in the workplace: ASUPD’s dirty little secret!

There have been several posts on (here is the entire post with no retractions) that reference the widespread nature of sexual harassment that transpires at ASUPD. It’s hard for people with an outside perspective to really understand the situation, so we wanted to spell it out as clearly as we could. This is, by no means, a complete list of all the instances of sexual harassment that have transpired at ASUPD.

·         Naga (

o   the officer who, upon finding used sex toys in a transients belongings, chased and threw them at other officers on scene while the subject was being processed;

o   Let’s also not forget all of the sexual harassment claims against the former assistant chief, who was allowed to retire with full benefits and is now Director of Emergency Preparedness at ASU. Could it be due to the wife of the former assistant chief being the HR manager of the department? Could it also be due to the former head of dispatch being friends with said HR manager and subsequently driving away all of the dispatchers who made said claims?

·         Insideview (

o   The chief gave a sexual harassment investigation on a former AC to AZDPS (Arizona Department of Public Safety) to investigate, they returned the results of the investigation, and the chief left it sealed on his desk for over a year until the subject of the complaint could exit his position and get into another state job.

o   Everyone here knows how retaliation works because we see it in real time, have no independent system of oversight, and conflicts of interest, ethical abuses are allowed to run wild. Example; when a sergeant becomes known for peeping on couples having intercourse from beginning to end, females urinating in public, disappearing on duty with females, and with complaint after complaint this individual rises up to police commander and then assistant chief of the department? I would go as far as saying this behavior is rewarded, encouraged, and the norm.

o   Another ASUPD assistant chief had a history with sexual no no’s in the workplace when he left on a hot seat from his former police department. He arrived in time to give all the ASUPD employees a formal presentation on ethics and said he’d nail anyone getting a free Big Gulp.

·         T Doggs (

o   One bucking for sergeant, known for how much he thinks he knows, but doesn’t know about police work, has put a great deal of energy into sexual harassment. To date there isn’t one single female that has worked around him that he hasn’t come on to and asked out for a date, even ones dating other officers, dispatchers, etc. One finally complained formally, while the others complained informally fearing he is a supervisor and what that could do to their jobs.

o   When a department doesn’t take steps to curb unethical behavior, sexual harassment bordering on procurement it sends a clear message. That message to the public is, “This is a brothel masquerading as a police department.”

·         Naga (

o   Insideview, so what if all of the parties were free and in the clear, does that still excuse the behavior of that former AC or of the chief? Just because all of the dispatchers that were sexually harassed got run off by AC’s HR wife and dispatch lead friend doesn’t mean it never happened.

o   For example, said former AC who started out in ASU PD patrol, liked to watch couple have sex on campus. How’d he get all the way up to AC position? Same former AC had multiple sexual harassment claims against him? How’d he keep his position? The answer to both is because his supervisor(s) did nothing about it. If those stories are well known, so well known in fact that new hires are told about this, how is it his supervisors “didn’t know anything?”.

Let’s not forget to mention several more instances that are public knowledge at ASUPD that aren’t mentioned on!

o   This newly promoted Corporal (Cpl L) that has asked out every female in the department, and is so overbearing many do not want to work with him.

o   Cpl. L has made comments around female employees about not being able to “control himself”.

o   Cpl. L has urinated, in public, in front of a female employee.

o   This newly promoted Sergeant (Sgt N) has scouted for tail while on duty, and has had a physical relationship with a 20 year old Resident Assistant.

o   This Commander (Cmdr. L) has had sexual relations with a prostitute.

o   This former Assistant Chief (AC J) has made remarks about wanting to fire a female officer who was taking FMLA time.

o   This night squad (several people in Tempe, midnight shift) has made offensive sexual remarks to a gay male ASUPD employee.

We hate to sensationalize these instances of sexual harassment and deviancy, but they serve to highlight the hostile nature of ASUPD’s work environment.