Yikes…ASUPD gets name dropped on thedirty.com.

….and no, it wasn’t us; someone emailed us and brought the link to our attention. Out of respect for the officer (who actually didn’t do anything wrong), we won’t post the link. Looks like some angry ex-girlfriend decided to make a post to put the entire department on blast. Ouch!

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6 thoughts on “Yikes…ASUPD gets name dropped on thedirty.com.

  1. Justanotherdispensible50 says:

    Yeah, the dirty is full of whiner brat kids still on momma’s teet transitioning to beer as a formula. That guy featured in the photo is actually a good guy. It’s a police contact because she probably did something stupid, she’s drunk, or any number of things. People are always snapping photos of officers and trying to put snappy captions to them, sometimes they are funny, but more often than not they are adolescent whiners upset they got a traffic ticket once and now want to pretend to be suburban gangsta against the man.

  2. ASUPDsmokeNmirrors says:

    The Arizona State University Police Department has way more scandalous stuff going on than some out of context picture on the dirty from years ago. Look at the other posts, look at the indeed posts, whoever 311 is they are my workplace hero for 2013. The awards committee needs to start making a plaque pronto. Great Job!

  3. Thinblueline1 says:

    When I see photos like this I have to wonder how many days before I get taken in one, it really could happen to us anywhere, anytime, everyone has a camera on their phone. Photos with random captions are fairly common.

  4. Aotimes4 says:

    This picture is completely without context. The only thing of value I can gather is there is a woman in her underwear standing in the street. It is a matter of time before the police contact her. And it’s not like this guy is fondling her. He is standing in a safe position with his hands in a safe and appropriate place. I fail to see the issue.

    What I think is more likely, is that some jackass with a camera is pissed that their friend is getting hassled by the police for “doing nothing wrong”. Although, if my daughter (if I had one) were walking around campus just about naked (and probably intoxicated, you know how after you have seen enough drunk people, you can recognize them by the way they stand, she seems drunk) I would hope PD contacted her and got her to move off the road and into a safer place.

    All it takes is one horny guy who doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong to change her life forever. Law enforcement is about increasing public safety, not simple scoring up arrests. And I would say that contacting a nearly nude woman in public is very much in his job description.

    • theintegrityreport says:

      You are completely right. The officer in the photo was doing his job, which happened to be working the Undie Run that year. Unfortunately, I believe someone posted interesting content but used an old photo just for shock value. The title of the post “The ASU Police Department is Full of Perverts” is absolutely correct, especially when referring to the command level. It’s sad the writer chose a photo of the officer DOING HIS JOB CORRECTLY just for shock value.

  5. OnefootoutCYA says:

    The mean streets of ASU, whew. Let’s get those tactical coyote tan binoculars out, this looks like a situation. The dirty is funny, everything is out of context there.

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