We just received word that FINALLY someone decided it was time to  investigate the claims of ASU’s wrongdoing made by various employees, posters on, and also our blog. Apparently, Kevin Salcido was tasked by Morgon Olson to investigate the allegations made against ASUPD.

Salcido, if you are serious about investigating the PD for the good of the university, we suggest you be prepared for the can of worms that you’re about to open, and actually take some sort of formidable action once you verify the legitimacy of the claims us and others have ascertained. Inaction is just as bad as partaking in the aforementioned wrongdoing.

9 thoughts on “FINALLY!!

  1. EMBUDO says:

    Hallelujah! Maybe our toxic and nightmarish environment is finally coming to an end. And hopefully, those few that inflicted so much pain and anguish will finally be held accountable. I’m going to sleep well tonight.

  2. Oneman1riot says:

    For a true accounting of human resource issues there are quite a number of people who work for the department and have worked at the department that should be contacted. The truth is most people are probably fearful of retaliation, keep their heads down, their mouths shut.

    Mr. Salcido, if you are serious about investigating human resource issues you need to expand the scope of your search to other employees who have significant information for the scope of your investigation. There are a lot of good reasons the ASU Police Department has been continuing to hemorrhage employees

    • ThySummons says:

      Oneman1riot, I absolutely agree with you. The paragraph below was extracted from my previous five paragraph post [Chief Pickens: Mismanaging Evidence, Personnel Before ASU!] The only modification from the original text, dated Oct 27, 2013, is denoted by the bracketed text.

      The outside investigative agency [or university] should attempt to interview as many members of the ASU PD as possible, to include former employees, if feasible, so that no stone is left unturned with the strict proviso, of course, that NO retribution or retaliation will occur on anyone that wishes to participate in the investigation.

  3. FlamingPileMallcoppery says:

    Let’s not get excited here, this is nothing more than a venture to test the waters of liability and see if the ASU and the department can legally afford to do nothing about anything as usual.

    Policing and the safety of the students is not a priority at Arizona State University. If it was people would have been asking why they don’t see any cops on patrol ever, why one, two tops. Why downtown has no officers, why officers at east and west have no backup ever?

    It’s gambling with people’s lives that nothing will happen knowing full well it will eventually and you have a hollow shell of a police department unprepared and mismanaged with millions of dollars going in the pockets of management and everywhere but patrol.

    In conclusion, give Chief Pickens another raise for incompetent management and not knowing what the fuck is going on within his department for years.

  4. OnefootoutCYA says:

    Yeah, I’m not batting an eye at this and the chief probably isn’t either. They get away with fireable offences, one after another. I think the university is checking the liability temperature, so they can go back to business as usual and let our department police itself, until someone finally sues for big money, maybe then a fault finding inquiry will be made when dollar bills are on the line. Right now it’s just lives on the line from no patrol staffing for the campuses.

  5. 311 says:

    Considering past human resource abuses, the lack of any corrective action, a department that polices itself without a hint of oversight I am not expecting any hope or change on this one. A study in perceived liability is probably more accurate. If I’m wrong I’ll be surprised.

  6. WheresMy907 says:

    I’ll give Kevin S. a chance to prove his integrity about the HR issues affecting ASUPD. It’s not wild chance and circumstance that the department staffing levels are what they are. I won’t be surprised if nothing happens, but we’ll see.

  7. indeedYOUsay says:

    The prospect of a civilian doing an investigation on the old guard of ASUPD and through their chain of command arriving at the right conclusion, dispensing justice sounds promising, but probably unlikely. There’s no question in my mind that by fixing the dysfunctional police department today will save lives tomorrow. The public deserves better for what they pay for, it’s up to the chief’s bosses to realize this.

  8. Supervisor Facepalm says:

    It’s there if they bother to look for it. If they chose to interview only command people then they will most likely get one version of events that will report everything is A OK. If they extend their interviews to more of the department they will get a lot more, depending how much people are willing to stick their necks out.

    I’m not very optimistic about this, I think of it as an exercise, nothing more. I would be pleasantly surprised to see them achieve something worthwhile of the officers who are out their willing to risk their lives to protect them from harm.

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