Tempe named one of the most dangerous suburbs in America!

From the Phoenix New Times Blog:

Of the 10 most-dangerous suburbs in America, two of them are suburbs of Phoenix.

That’s according to the real estate website Movoto, which ranked Glendale as the seventh-most dangerous, and Tempe the eighth-most, based on FBI crime data.

The people who put the ranking together took into account murders, other violent crimes, property crimes, and total crimes, all per 100,000 people, to compare the suburbs to one another.

In Glendale, there were 6,410 property crimes per 100,000 people in 2012, the worst of any suburb. Total crime, at 6,901 per 100,000 was the sixth-highest. Glendale also ranked 18th for murders, and 18th for other violent crimes.

The odds of being a victim of a crime in Glendale in 2012 were 1 in 14.

Meanwhile, Tempe ranked 14th for property crimes and 12th for total crime.

The violent crimes are what put Tempe on the list: with seven murders per 100,000 people, the 11th-most, and 519 other violent crimes per 100,000 people, ranking 16th.

That put your odds of being a crime victim in Tempe 1 in 19 in 2012.

The six most-dangerous suburbs, beating out Glendale and Tempe, were East Point, Georgia; Camden, New Jersey; Miami Beach, Florida; Midwest City, Oklahoma; Miami Gardens, Florida; and Clarksville, Indiana.

We’re speculating the high property crime rate stems from ASU’s Tempe campus, which reported nearly 1,000 theft related crimes from it’s 2012 Clery Report. Violent crimes statistics on ASU’s Tempe Campus (forcible sex offenses, robbery, and burglary) also showed significant increases in 2012, as compared to the previous year.

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13 thoughts on “Tempe named one of the most dangerous suburbs in America!

  1. DoneSon says:

    Of course Tempe AZ is dangerous. It’s a criminal’s dream. You have the criminals of every surrounding area networking on how easy it is to commit crime in Tempe, Arizona State University, and get away with it. It gets a lot more dangerous when 100,000 students, employees, visitors to the university have no more than 2-3 officers to protect them and no more than one at the satelite campuses. With the incompetent leadership and everlasting staffing crisis going on for years it’s a disaster in the making.

    • indeedYOUsay says:

      Sounds right, they talk to all their friends in corrections and spread the word about the stop and rob environment. It took weeks of Getem being on campus to clean up the last gang problem.

  2. indeedYOUsay says:

    If ASUPD was capable of managing it’s own police work I wonder how these statistics would change. The federally mandated Clery stats don’t match this report at all, what a surprise! Years of intentional deception of federal law…just the tip of the ethical black hole at ASUPD.

  3. DL500unit says:

    In related news, Arizona State University police chief is named the most incompetent and out of touch University Police of all time. Failure has it’s rewards so we pay him more money than the Phoenix chief of police because he sucks that bad.

    • Supervisor Facepalm says:

      The man is a diversity trinket, not a competent police chief, and surely not a leader. He delegates to delegators and sits in on meetings.

  4. FlamingPileMallcoppery says:

    This report makes sense. The largest college in the nation is a monster party college without an adequate police department stuck in the middle of a medium sized land locked city. Career criminals look at ASU as free money.

  5. guerriero says:

    If Tempe PD wasn’t busy handling all the ASUPD overspill maybe they could get after the danger issues that need attention. Everytime security guard issues advance to police work issues the third floor punts to Tempe like they’re holding a hot potato, it’s retarded.

    • Supervisor Facepalm says:

      They punt to Tempe more than you know. Our last missing persons call was a near disaster. We lost what little credibility we had with Tempe PD.

  6. ASUPDsmokeNmirrors says:

    The city of Tempe has many old run down rentals that accomodate criminal tennants because their records won’t let them in decent communities. While having a broken down university police department in the heart of the city encourages crime, the property demographics are less than ideal and enables it somewhat.

  7. popo39machine says:

    The criminals know where to go for easy, unwitting, victims who have little to no protection. For our so called leadership criminals mean only bike thieves because those are the only crime reports being made.

  8. Justanotherdispensible50 says:

    This is just more proof of the necessity for a university police department at ASU that is up to the task.

  9. RUkiddingMe says:

    It sounds like the last thing Tempe PD needs is a university police department unable to handle it’s own shit.

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