ASU Police supervisor solicited sex from undercover cop

asu police supervisor arrested for soliciting sex

Yet another scandal is rocking ASUPD, fresh on the heels of the Pickens/Hardina PR debacle; however this time, it involves a civilian employee.

According to abc15:

TEMPE, AZ – A former Arizona State University employee is under investigation after Mesa police say he tried to buy sex from an undercover police officer, sources tell ABC15.

Separately, Mesa police spokesman Esteban Flores told ABC15 that Lonny Foster was arrested on July 31.

According to ASU’s website, Foster was the Manager of Communications and Records for the ASU Police Department.

ASU spokeswoman Sharon Keeler said Foster has been let go because of the investigation.

So much for keeping the department quiet for 90 days, Chief Thompson.


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21 thoughts on “ASU Police supervisor solicited sex from undercover cop

  1. DL500unit says:

    Lonny brought a lot of good things to dispatch. It became the one area of the department able to retain employees because he got along with everyone as a very effective manager. He wasn’t one of the “out to getcha” types that fill most of the Pickens appointed management staff, he wasn’t an asshole. Soliciting sex is what I expect from our command, half of which have reputations for chasing ass at work without consequences.

    The only thing I can think of is he lowered his decision making skills as low as our good old boy command and got caught. You can’t spend that much time around pieces of shit and not get some stink on yourself. It’s a shame for dispatch because they will probably replace him with a devisive cunt that looks good in a skirt and we won’t have enough dispatchers for another three years because they will quit again.

    • DontLOLmeJP says:

      After years of nude stretching and flashing genitalia in the men’s locker room uncomfortablely close to other male employees I expected this news from Hardina, not Mr. Foster.

      Lonnie was a good addition to dispatch, but he made a really bad decision that broke the law and cost him his job. That assclown Salcido can add this employee to the list of ones not easily replaced and who will be missed.

    • popo39machine says:

      That’s probably an accurate theory. The upper management here have had a we do what we want to whomever we want attitude for years, so with this mentality he made the decision he made and another story about the Arizona State University police department makes the news.

    • Seguridad perdido says:

      Yes, ditto on suspecting this from Hardena aka Hardweiner.

    • Justanotherdispensible50 says:

      True, that mini man loved strutting his junk around the locker room. If you want to sell a product to an audience you have to advertise to them!

  2. popo39machine says:

    Scandal after upset after fail after scandal. Obviously something is seriously wrong at the police department and the people leading it. From what I have heard this is only beginning.

  3. yurhuckleberry says:

    If we could put some PowerPoint presentation training together on how to get sex legally that would be a great tool for ASUPD employees. Clearly between this embarrassment and all the in house sexual harrassment complaints we have had there’s a need for it.

    But hey, if you’re Luqmad Khalid you can sexually harass an employee, get the official complaint, and still get a 5 on your evaluation for that year. Outstanding standards of fairness and professionalism!

    • Quick call Tempe! says:

      Those non-existent standards of fairness and professionalism are why the rest of command needs to follow Pickens and Hardina right out the door. There’s no lesson plan to teach an adult basic ethics, you either have it or you don’t.

    • Embudo says:

      Make no mistake, the double standards within the ASU PD are alive and flourishing, despite the removal of John Pickens and Jim Hardina.

      Maybe someone should be asking Chief Mike Thompson about the double standards that continue under his watch.

    • Justanotherdispensible50 says:

      Our tiny police department will have a lot of explaining to do once the school year starts and the true level of inadequacy is seen in how overwhelmed we will be. This endangers every one of us in uniform.

  4. Seguridad perdido says:

    We deal with the public who make bad decisions all the time and go to jail. He’s a civilian supervisor, so it’s no different. If he was part of our top tier sworn supervisors he would have got a lifetime subscription to Adult Friend Finder and a promotion. According to how they hand out awards maybe a valor pin, who knows. It’s unfortunate this happened, I wish it didn’t.

  5. Quick call Tempe! says:

    Pickens and his incompetent underlings went virtually unsupervised for years. This created a management style where they could do whatever they want in the workplace. While Lonny was a much better manager of people than his predecessor, you can’t buy into this above it all attitude and go off campus to pick up prostitutes, you have no power there.

    Do what our command present and past have done, sexually harass the shit out your subordinates and close the deal. If they complain is Kevin Salcido going take them seriously? He won’t and Pickens didn’t either. Their are plenty of examples.

  6. Justanotherdispensible50 says:

    Lets stop with the eulogies people. This is another chapter in the story of shameful management at ASUPD and takes from all of us here who are doing our jobs and following the law our entire lives.

    This is just another chapter…We had a shamed sexual scandal ex-Tempe pd assistant chief come over and teach us a class on ethics after assuming the assistant chief role at ASUPD.

    Another assistant chief promoted through the ranks was a sexual harrassment monster aggressively pursuing anything in his path to the point where DPS did an investigation and Pickens buried it so his buddy Alan Clark could return to ASU.

    Now I have to hear about Luke Khalid getting rewarded with three consecutive 5’s for sexual behavior and conduct that should have terminated his career in law enforcement.

    Why was nothing done? Why won’t anything past or present be addressed? It’s because our acting chief of police is cut from the same cloth. Look into why Jill Muriano (spelling?) had to be demoted from dispatch supervisor to police aide and Thompson was able to pull some strings for her to secure her a position in the Mesa courts.

    This would be an outstanding place to work if it wasn’t for the Pickens’s rejects running it into the ground over the years and failing to address issues with themselves and those under their command. The pirates took over the ship.

    Am I surprised one our employees were trying to pick up prostitutes? No. One of our fat commanders already did. I’m only surprised it was one of the managers known for working well with others. God help us.

    • Getitright says:

      The Phoenix police department is hiring, Mesa, Chandler, and many other agencies that value and compensate their officers. ASU Police will always be hiring and are always chomping at the bit to pick up any officers that don’t make it through FTO at other agencies as they have always done. Don’t sell yourself short.

  7. whatisgoingonoverthere says:

    For such a small department there’s just so many negative news blurbs rolling out and school hasn’t even been underway. It’s going to be telling once nearly 100k people show up as well as the criminals who prey on them.

    I looked on the U of A campus police department website and they look like a larger department with less than half the population of students and a much smaller metropolitan area. The public safety situation at ASU is troublesome at best.

  8. guerriero says:

    Hilarious because who it depicts and sad because they’re still protected, promoted, even under the great new hope Thompson. I never get tired of seeing this photo and laughing at these pretentious, hypocritical cocks who would have written any one of their non-buddy subordinates a mile high stack of for this department photo with every one of them in ASU police uniforms. Count the policy violations…you’ll be busy for awhile. I wonder who had this on their social media site.

    Some things never change and that’s the problem with this agency, why we can’t retain people, and our numbers are so low. If anyone was wondering why there’s an assistant chief boasting about patrol numbers that don’t exist here’s one of the many reasons why.

    • Getitright says:

      As far as Lonny is concerned what’s going through your head when you’re a former cop, a supervisor at a police department, and you’re out picking up prostitutes? He was a nice guy, dispatch was finally retaining some people, but probably needs some help.

      I read the other posts eluding to him being influenced by the “I’m the untouchable ASUPD supervisor and I can do what I want mentality” and it’s a possibility. He didn’t ever seem like that kind of guy, but he did spend plenty of time around command.

    • guerriero says:

      At getitright, I don’t really don’t have much of an opinion over Foster tying to pick up a prostitute other than to say it’s illegal, you broke the law, you knew the consequences, and now you have to pay for them.

      I’m laughing over the photo, not laughing about losing more people out of dispatch.

  9. fixmycorruptpd says:

    Why couldn’t this have been one of the department assholes, why Lonny? If you spend too much time hanging around our shit command you are going to smell. Do the crime, do the time.

  10. ASUPDsmokeNmirrors says:

    Every one of these people are supervisors, all sergeants and one commander. They would have ruined the career of any subordinate over a public photo like this and our command didn’t do shit about it. One even got a promotion. Different standards for different people.

  11. ComeOnNow4real says:

    You forgot the disclaimer for this photo, none of the participants in this lewd act exchanged money for it. In this story everyone loses. Lonny hurt himself, his family, and the organization by not following the law.

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