The ASU Police Video Chronicles: Volume 4 International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Adminstrators (IACLEA) Edition ASU Police Admin has no business being there!

ASU police department has no business hosting IACLEA International Assoc of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators

Check out the video here:

This time there’s a video featuring even more embarrassment for ASU Police Chief Mike Thompson and the University administration. It may be hard to believe, but ASU continues to issue the same meaningless response without anything of substance, showing it has everything to hide. This is true, just WAY too many skeletons in the closet to hide, the public will know the truth.

It looks like more people are speaking out about the INTEGRITY FREE ZONE of the Arizona State University Police Department, God Bless your efforts. We look forward to seeing more.

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Honest Clery Reporting means little to some administrator who only cares about their personal career, profit, and business portfolio. It means the world to the families of students sent to a place not as safe as advertised, who were lied to about their safety, and then tragically suffered the consequences of bad data.

Arizona state University student murdered clery








Arizona state University crime statistics cleryArizona state University Michelle rourke

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20 thoughts on “The ASU Police Video Chronicles: Volume 4 International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Adminstrators (IACLEA) Edition ASU Police Admin has no business being there!

  1. OneFlewOverTheCuckoo'sPD says:

    I remember several years ago viewing the Clery crime statistics published by ASUPD and certified and approved by then-Chief John Pickens.

    What I found quite interesting while reviewing the crime statistics was that some crime year statistics mirrored other crime year statistics.

    Coincidence? I don’t think so. Being familiar with ASUPD command and how they operate, I believe the yearly crime statistics published by ASUPD are inaccurate and deceptive and not an accurate reflection of the crime that occurs on ASU campuses.

    Based on questionable compliance with the Clery Act, I would like to see both the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Justice investigate ASU and ASUPD on their methodology and accuracy in crime reporting.

    • ASUPDsmokeNmirrors says:

      Only the sad desperate potato heads running ASUPD would have the arrogance and stupidly to keep listing the same stat numbers repeatedly year after year. Nothing surprises anyone anymore that works at ASUPD more than a few years.

  2. ASUPDsmokeNmirrors says:

    Looking at the bottom photo, was that taken when she sought to blame Stuart Adams in a internal affair accusation/investigation that he exposed ASUPD to a possible Clery violation? Oh…Senator Rand Paul wants his hair back commander. Is that a regulation by policy haircut? I don’t think so.

  3. ImJohnDoe says:

    I know of several specific incidents that met Clery criteria that SHOULD have been reported and never were. Wouldn’t want Ma’s and Pa’s knowing violent crime actually occurs on campus!

    • Justanotherdispensible50 says:

      I heard they were in a panic when the fact checking first occurred. They are always reactionary, never proactive. With staffing so low you can only be reactionary.

      How can so many schools in the nation get Clery right, but the largest university in the nation fails so completely at it? It’s intentional deception and everyone who signed their name to the lie should be held accountable for lying.

      Check the AZPOST integrity bulletins and see how many get fired for lying! Why should the liars in command get off without a consequence?

    • Yup says:

      An officer, in a marked patrol vehicle, activated his emergency lights behind a police aide in a golf cart. The aide accelerated and crashed the golf cart. The investigation revealed both parties were “fooling around.” (Integrity Bulliten — Volume 75, page 1, “Suspensions”)

    • smokey261 says:

      The approach from a supervisor…hey…let’s change this from a ________to a _______. They know what’s happening all the way down to the Sgt level.

  4. Justanotherdispensible50 says:

    ASU Command hosted 100’s of law enforcement professional leadership from all over the world this past weweekend.

    They only succeeded in providing a platform to show how incompetent, disorganized, and unprofessional they are. Very embarrassing!!!

    Good job to everyone involved in getting the truth out!!!

  5. Embudo says:

    Arizona State University is a billion dollar-plus a year enterprise, and if crime statistics were meticulously compiled and accurately reported, that would undoubtedly negatively affect the university’s bottom line.

  6. smokey261 says:

    Wow, this had to be very embarrassing for them. They have their ways of being less than truthful. How many other university departments have the issues of ASUPD? It’s all about leadership and the workplace they create.

  7. Farewell says:

    ASUPD should not have hosted this convention.

    Having inside knowledge in how ASUPD leaders conduct business makes this whole hosting thing a travesty.

    Many hope the continued public exposure and lawsuit will eventually rid the department of some pretty unethical and corrupt characters.

  8. Justice4all says:

    Where is Chief Mike Thompson going to stockpile the heaps of embarrassment that came from hosting this conference and being utterly exposed as a fraud. MT must be going nutty nutballs with all the reassuring and lies to cover up the truth.

  9. Police Administrator attending IACLEA says:

    To all

    First, let me make it very clear that I don’t know what’s going on inside of ASU PD, nor do I care. What I do know is that I, along with many of the attendees at the IACLEA conference, received an email from some idiot with several links from this website.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. I am a police administrator and we all have challenges within our departments. But anytime someone decides to disrupt a professional conference to pursue their agenda, and think that it’s a good thing, you are clearly misguided. By the way, ASU PD did a great job of planning and hosting the conference.

    Let me tell you about the real world. We don’t care. For the individuals who were on the news cast, you looked pathetic. I’m not sure you would get hired by any other agency anyways. None of us at the conference cares about what’s happening at ASUPD. You have various mechanisms in place to air your grievances, but you crossed the line when you decided to make up names and send out the email to attendees.

    You aren’t any better than all of the allegations that you are making. Who are you? Where is your integrity? It’s so easy to hide behind this cloak of anonymity but be an adult, and put your name with your grievances. Perhaps we can offer you suggestions on how to improve your department, if you are still employed there.

    The bottom line is, if you don’t like your department, pack you stuff and leave. If you are no longer employed, let it go. I believe, the good will prevail. And if there are legitimate concerns in any of our departments, they will eventually come out. Trust me on that one.

    You are not only embarrassing yourself, but also all of the good men and women who still work for ASU PD.

    I’m sure you will continue to use this blog to voice your concerns, but understand, there are more productive ways to address your concerns, so let the process/legal system work.

    • theintegrityreport says:

      We will use a post to address your neo-fascist manifesto of contradiction, a dash of obvious, bits of hypocricy, and parts of selfrighteous indignation.

    • OnlyTheBeginning says:

      If you are a police administrator you should resign now because you have passed judgement multiple times, while having evidence provided to you and obviously ignored, which is a typical practice of ASU PD administration.

      You have no knowledge of the ongoing corruption at ASU PD and you don’t care. Unfortunately you cared enough to comment without all the facts and have demonstrated your ignorance of the corruption at ASU/ASU PD. There are officers in that news interview that I can surely promise have more police experience than you from large municipalities. You say there are no names on the comments, so where is your name you hypocrite. The names of every officer are posted in that interview and I advise you to reach out to any of them to voice how much you do not care and preferably in person. If in fact you are a police administrator, you are without a doubt a career campus cop with integrity that might measure just below the scumbags that command the ASU PD.

      Good luck wallowing in your administrative job speaking without facts about a place you supposedly do not care about. You have embarrassed yourself and your agency and are a simpleton. If you ever want to learn how to conduct a proper investigation and be able to safely speak about it afterwards I again implore you to contact any officer that was on television speaking about the fact supported corruption occurring daily at ASU PD.

      I only responded to a simpleton like yourself with the hope you have some police experience/knowledge and can learn from this response. My belief is you are incapable of learning because you are an administrative employee of ASU/ASU PD.

      I can not wait until the criminal charges are filed against you peons who want to be cops. I promise you it is happening and there is nothing you can do to stop it. The civil litigation is small compared to what is coming.

    • theintegrityreport says:

      We invite anyone who has knowledge of the improprieties of ASUPD mismanagement to expose that information here publicly. We ask all the plaintiffs in this lawsuit to share their information here and now before ASU urges for a nondisclosure agreement as part of a settlement the way they have done so many times before. The public has a right to know what’s going on there.

    • Embudo says:

      Police Administrator attending IACLEA:

      For your information some have attempted to address and fix serious problems within the department through the chain of command and/or the university, but to no avail.

      ASU administrators (Dr. Morgan Olsen, Chief Thompson’s boss, and Kevin Salcido, ASU’s head of HR) did absolutely nothing to help resolve or fix internal problems brought to their attention by department employees. Also, for your information ASU’s so-called grievance process does NOT work.

      We do have terrific employees that work at ASU PD. The trouble is, they flee in droves once they find out how dysfunctional and mismanaged the department is.

      I’m glad that you thought ASU PD leadership did a fine job hosting the conference; that is what they are good at: deception and smoke and mirrors.

      In addition, ASU PD cannot adequately staff all four campuses because we cannot retain police officers. We are also short staffed by approximately 80-plus police officers according to the Department of Justice.

      Why did you choose to be anonymous on your post? You appear to criticize posters for being anonymous, and we do it for obvious reasons. The department’s leaders are notorious for targeting and destroying people’s lives that respectfully disagree with management on any level.

      In closing, ASU PD is NOT the model police department for others to aspire to emulate. And ASU PD’s hosting of the IACLEA conference was an absolute travesty.

  10. Hey now... says:

    Did anyone else notice that Commander Thompson was missing from the Command Staff lineup in the video?

    Makes me think that John may be a contributor to this blog. He did talk a LOT of trash when Chief Thompson was promoted, calling everyone else in command idiots and saying he could do it better…

  11. PD Face Palm says:

    How in the hell did ASU even think it was a good idea to host a law enforcement conference while in the middle of a lawsuit from 8 current/former employees? I heard rumors of a second lawsuit being dropped on them. Has anyone else heard the same?

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