Arizona State University Police Admin Losers say GOODBYE to their P.I.O. IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR !!!

Congratulations to Nicole Franks on Realizing that a Sinking Ship like ASU POLICE is no place for a CareerIn less than one year the administration of the Arizona State University Police Department are forced to say say GOODBYE to their P.I.O. (public information officer) HA! IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR! Are they even bigger asshats than we realize?

Congratulations to former Arizona State University Police Public Information Officer Nicole Franks! You realized what many ASU Police employees have come to realize, who were quickly able to see the lack of integrity, lack of leadership, favoritism, dirty politics, lack of opportunity, poor compensation, and knew the only solution was to leave. Until there is a complete overhaul of the command at ASUPD and a 180 degree change in integrity standards you are in a vulnerable position as P.I.O. for this organization.

The command of ASU Police have been afraid to show their face in front of a camera for some time. If they make false public statements they can be held liable. If the P.I.O. makes false statements on their behalf they can later claim the Public Information Officer made the statements, not them.

We would like to advise the new public information officer that they are working for people who have a career criminal understanding of ethics. Do not say a word for this department unless you have the approval of command in writing about your exact quote. They are accustomed to finding fall guys, spreading blame,  and taking no responsibility for themselves.  Good Luck!



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11 thoughts on “Arizona State University Police Admin Losers say GOODBYE to their P.I.O. IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR !!!

  1. WheresMy907 says:

    The poor girl just had enough like the four officers who quit overnight after shift change. A public relations firm couldn’t fix the issues at the ASU Police department because they’re internal. They ignore any problem that points towards leadership as the issue. The denial has reached the point of comic relief. It’s a complete joke.

  2. indeedYOUsay says:

    Nothing ever changes at the ASU POLICE department, it’s the same old dysfunctional mess it always was. People nearly quitting faster than they get hired, constantly training people who will be quitting tomorrow.

  3. 647A says:

    A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.

    Nobody really cares about this blog, your opinions, or the fact that you all clearly have no clue about law enforcement. Keep sucking each others cocks, homos.

    I know you’ll delete this, moderator… But know this, I know you’ve read it :)

    • theintegrityreport says:

      You know we will delete what exactly? We relish every opportunity to expose you for what you are. In this case nothing more than a scared and defeated bigot lashing out. Your anger, ignorance, and desperation are words to your sad little swan song. I pity the people who see you in uniform expecting honor, equality, fairness, integrity, and receiving what we see here instead.

  4. Justice4all says:

    She’s a professional that thought she obtained a legitimate job until she stepped into this incestuous workplace and got to know who she was working for. Now it’s time to make an exit under the best terms possible to avoid these hacks injuring her career.

  5. Tweedy Browne says:

    When employees flee, it’s usually because of bad leadership.

  6. McLovin says:

    A PIO at ASU PD is like trying to explain a turd in a punch bowl. Enough said…

  7. DL500unit says:

    If she’s smart she will not walk, RUN! If someone up there doesn’t like her, the command here will talk trash to new potential employers like they’ve done to so many people here. It’s like a psycho jealous ex girlfriend / boyfriend employee relationship.

  8. yurhuckleberry says:

    She was fighting a losing battle. No amount of public relations can fix what command has done to the soul of the department. As long as ASU continues to employ people as unscrupulous as the command at ASUPD they will enjoy continual and unrelenting negative feedback for doing so. Officers are so fed up we lost an entire shift worth within a month with more on the way out.

  9. ASUPD Fail says:

    I wonder if Thompson has tried to hook up with her like he did with Jill Mariano? Or maybe he just sexually harassed her like Alan Clark did to Michelle Potts? I honestly do not give a flying turd who does who but when you are cheating on your wife repeatedly or making people feel uncomfortable on the job, then you really should take a look into the mirror and realize that you are A PIECE OF SHIT HUMAN BEING!!! Want to learn how not to get women to report inappropriate conduct against you, DON’T SHIT WHERE YOU EAT!!

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