ASU Police Clique Members Flee the Scene 961H: You know it’s bad when staff of the lowest integrity attempt to leave the Integrity-Free workplace they worked so hard to create.

ASU Police Officer clique douschebag Daniel Gaughan QUITS dept

Workplace lawsuit ASU Police Commander Louis Scichilone is attempting to abandon ship

You know it’s bad when staff of the lowest integrity attempt to leave the workplace they worked so hard to create. What more can you say?

We received a notification about ASU Officer Daniel Gaughan leaving ASU Police, turning down a ASU Police Sergeant job, for a career with the Tempe Police Department. We will caution the leadership of Tempe PD that ASU Officer Gaughan was a willing participant in a clique of employees making the ASU Police Department an Integrity Free Zone. Keep a close eye on him before the same traits manifest themselves in your workplace.

P.S. Did he really disclose his full background?

We discovered ASU Police Commander Louis Scichilone was eliminated in the first round of hiring at Gilbert PD. They must have had no problem seeing how potentially dangerous and damaging having an employee like him could be to a professional organization. His lack of integrity will be fully exposed and very embarrassing for the university, the ASU police department, and the profession.

ASU Police turnover has always been bad at the officer level.

With exposure, we’ve noticed this turnover trickle up to the command level responsible for creating the Integrity Free workplace at the Arizona State University Police Department.

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12 thoughts on “ASU Police Clique Members Flee the Scene 961H: You know it’s bad when staff of the lowest integrity attempt to leave the Integrity-Free workplace they worked so hard to create.

  1. WheresMy907 says:

    You said it right, they are trying to escape the workplace they themselves created. Why? Because people are starting to ask questions and point fingers.

  2. Ass-Hat Blaster says:

    Gaughan…the same clique member that was flashing his badge on Mill Avenue drunk while off-duty. The same clique member who cheated on his ASUPD Dispatcher girlfriend numerous times. The same clique member who cleared buildings with his taser instead of a firearm. The same clique member who licked the clique’s under taint every chance he got, selling out his peers, trying to get a head. CONGRATS TEMPE PD!!! You picked yourself a winner!!!

    • WheresMy907 says:

      Total untrustable POS. He really must have buttered up somebody at Tempe to get out.

    • guerriero says:

      They could have booked him, instead his friends were contacted on duty at ASUPD and covered for him. Did he disclose all this in his background?

  3. indeedYOUsay says:

    Of course Lou is trying to leave. His years of lying are catching up to him. Gaughan just perfected the art of kissing ass to succeed in leaving ASU for Tempe because his friends let him leave without the usual sabotage that derails an exit.

  4. Justice4all says:

    Asupd has more than enough people who actively try to tear down others to build themselves up or people looking the other way while they do it. These two characters are the former. There is no team in this agency. All individuals with people looking out for themselves.

  5. 918 says:

    It’s unfortunate the ASU PD old guard corrupted Dan early on. He does have the potential to be a good officer but aligned himself with the clique members as a way to advance himself. It really is a shame ASU PD can’t hold onto anyone.

    • WheresMy907 says:

      What does it say about department morale when even grade-A butt kissers want to bail out?

  6. Turd Fergueson says:

    Is it me or does anyone else think Ferrin and Gaughan are police officer clones? Both, take the job way too seriously, to the point that they repeatedly took action off duty for non-sense violations instead of just calling it in, they both were part of the clique, and they both trampled on people’s civil rights? Yet, in the eyes of the command staff they were some of the best officers ASU has ever had!! We see how that turned out…

    • WheresMy907 says:

      The difference between Stuart Ferrin and Dan Gaughan was that the clique couldn’t continue to cover for and protect Ferrin the way it did for Gaughan. The last gaff was too public. I like the photo of Dan. Can you get one of Lou standing in a puddle of sweat like Thompson?

    • guerriero says:

      He looks scared in the picture. Lol

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