It’s Official: Justice is blind and dead for employees at the Arizona State University Police Department.

Arizona state University police chief Mike Thompson escapes responsibility again

It appears that the refiling date for the lawsuit against the corrupt management of the Arizona State University Police Department has come and gone without news of a refiling. This is truly a dark day for the Arizona State University community and the people who depend on it to fulfill the public safety needs of the community. This is a critique of ASUPD command, and by no means is this a critique of the patrol officers of ASUPD, who are doing all they can do despite being critically understaffed for years. Once again the Arizona State University administration allows corruption, cronyism, discrimination, bullying, and violations of law to run unchecked at the den of ill repute, known as the Arizona State University Police Department.

Arizona State University Police Chief Michael Thompson is running the ASUPD just as his predecessor had run the department, straight into the ground. Chief Thompson retained the same miscreants in his command that worked for Pickens. They couldn’t do right by people if they tried because they lack even the most basic respect for integrity in this profession.

We call on all the plaintiffs in the lawsuit and anyone with knowledge of wrongdoing at ASUPD to join with us and release all the information they are holding because the public has a right to know what’s going on when their Public Safety is at stake, when those trusted with managing it are failing.

Look into the eyes of the victims of crime throughout all the news articles about students from the Arizona State University, look into their eyes, think of their families, and tell yourself that you don’t want to make your information public!

For any future employee victims of ASUPD, let this be a lesson to you to be sure to do your own research about the attorneys who are going to represent you. The judge’s response to the lawsuit was more of a rebuke of how the attorneys failed their clients and not what the people they represented had put forth. Every employee with more than a few years on at ASUPD knows damn well that there are many issues with the department that could lead it straight into a courtroom.



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15 thoughts on “It’s Official: Justice is blind and dead for employees at the Arizona State University Police Department.

  1. QuickCallTempe says:

    It was re-filed and written by a new lawyer. The plaintiffs’ attorney was able to get the state charges dropped by not filing correctly. The federal charges are still there.

    The rumor I heard is that ASU got to the plaintiffs lawyer and paid him/her off to destroy their case. If that’s the case I’m not at all surprised.

    • Guerriero says:

      Where can this new filing be seen? Hopefully it was written by a competent attorney. The last one didn’t say who did what to whom.

    • QuickCallTempe says:

      I’m not sure about where to find the link for the complaint, I had just talked to a plaintiff who said it had been re-filed.

    • theintegrityreport says:

      That’s great news. If anyone is able to give a web location for the filing we would like to do a story on it.

  2. Guerriero says:

    I was hoping they would be able to hold people responsible for what they have done, so this is very disappointing.

  3. yurhuckleberry says:

    I’ve reached the point where I could hear about anything happening to employees within the ASU Police department and I wouldn’t be surprised.

  4. Embudo says:

    This is definitely a setback — not just for the plaintiffs but the entire ASU community.

  5. Justanotherdispensible50 says:


  6. Dl500unit says:

    Does anyone have a link to where their lawsuit was refiled?

  7. ThySummons says:

    Hopefully the re-filing will be enough to move the lawsuit forward — fingers crossed.

    • ImJohnDoe says:

      Dont hold your breath. ASU has unlimited legal resources and will devour anyone who gets in their way…

    • ThySummons says:

      Yep, like schoolyard bullies flush with taxpayer money at their disposal.

      I like to believe that in the end accountability and justice will prevail. Naïve? No, just an eternal optimist.

    • DontLOLmeJP says:

      For every school yard bully is someone willing to take them to task and quite capable of it. Paper tigers that few fear and even less respect.

  8. Smokey261 says:

    They need to publicly expose what is going on there. The management of the department is an embarrassment to law enforcement everywhere.

  9. DontLOLmeJP says:

    Any relief they are feeling is one of false confidence. The low down of what’s going on is Chief Thompson is a sloppy mess, making stupid mistakes, especially trusting people who wanted him out of the running long before he became chief.

    The activities of him and the misfit toys of the command hierarchy are no secret and they are under surveillance of one kind or another. Why? Because nobody respects an asshole, not even other assholes.

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