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Arizona State University Police Department Promotion “Process” A.K.A. “friend-zone money distribution scam appointments”


Arizona state University police department

Oh here we go again folks! We heard the Arizona State University Police Department is playing the “friend-zone money distribution scam appointments” OR “appoint our friends for higher pay game” again. The processes haven’t happened yet,  but we decided to take a shot at predictions anyway. Give us your predictions and we will see what happens when the appointments come out disguised as earned and legitimate processes.

Who do you think will be the next Assistant Chief, two Lieutenants, or two Sergeants? That’s just what the TOP HEAVY Arizona State University Police Department needs, more and more supervisors and less officers. The management couldn’t possibly be more incompetent, even Chief John L Pickens had more sense than this and that’s really saying something.

Remember what happened with the Sergeant promotion process last time? Naive and inexperienced ASUPD ONLY officers were appointed over highly qualified and experienced officers who came with a wealth of experience from many different police agencies and reportedly 2-5 times the experience in the real world. Get ready for some more of the same!

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