300 WORKERS AT Axminster Carpets have been told that they no longer work for the company because, as they told the rest of the media, this is an attempt to stop liquidation of the company. Staff are without a doubt devastated. This has also had a terrible effect on families who have been working there for many years, such as the Kaxee family: “There’s three of us who have been made redundant today. For the last two weeks we’ve had no wages. There is no work around here at all.” Mr Kaxee said his wife, who still has her job, is very distressed about this loss; while she may have the fortune of keeping her job she now has to run a department by herself that would normally require at least eight people.

The main building of Axminster Carpets

With all these mass job losses and companies going into administration, along with the savage attacks from the ConDem govermint, circumstances for both employed and unemployed alike will be getting a lot worse. Out of all the staff that have worked there only 95 are keeping their jobs, less than 25% of the workforce; which means that workers will now be working more for less. There is no doubt either that this won’t be the last of their problems – with all the economic troubles and austerity measures there will probably be a lot more similar headlines…

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