IT’S FINALLY HAPPENED: It’s finally happened: the woman who destroyed the unions, created mass unemployment and fucked up generations of British people through war and discrimination, has popped her clogs. Tonight, thousands of people will be taking to the streets in celebration of the death of the ‘Iron Lady’, and don’t forget to get to Trafalgar Square this Saturday for the biggest free party so far this decade!

Thatcher is dead poster imageHowever, with things being shitter than ever before (mass unemployment, the end of the N.H.S. and the benefits system, workers’ rights getting destroyed despite all the lives lost to win them, and people losing their homes), I am sure most of us wish that the whole of government had been blown up instead.

But nothing’s better than a party to cheer you up! And the destruction of a half-dead, evil, mean-spirited old Tory monster is a much better celebration than a couple of posh kids getting married… and it’s not like you were invited to the wedding anyway!

Another thing to look out for is Thatcher’s state funeral, with full military honours: a blatant incitement to riot on behalf of the Tories, if ever there was one. At a cost of £3 million, I am pretty sure the only reason she is getting one is so that we will all be allowed to form an orderly queue to get the opportunity to piss on her. I personally think her grave should be under a public toilet so millions of people for decades will be able to relieve themselves on her… if you get charged £1 a shit then I am sure it would get the country out of debt. Or perhaps if the rest of the Tories (yeah, and Lib Dems too, why not?) start to follow suit, the sales of alcohol and party food alone should be enough to pull us out of whatever economic crash we’re told isn’t happening that we find ourselves in.

Anyhow; have a drink to the old bitch’s death tonight, and think of her roasting in the deepest circles of hell.

In other news, Atos Origin allegedly announced this afternoon that they found Margaret Thatcher for for work.

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