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  • In cities a night can unfold into wondrous meetings, music events, new friends and groups of friends, especially when u got ca$h or boosters or both.. Sometimes though in towns life comes to an end at 00:00, and all things still open are merely pop music venues with overpriced entrance and full of teenagers that […]

  • New poem, this time on the subject of love (that drew attention of many a poet, but in my opinion still relevant). People seem to always forget what it is and neglect it. On the other hand it also (as any other thing) comes with a price. No  answers right- All are always wrong, Love […]

  • Another poem, this time concerning reincarnation, rituals, death and sex… I bit inspired by Burroughs and Ginsberg (beat!!!) With face of fire and hand, raised in a mighty posture, he holds a gun. When streaming pulses Forward run, Towards their final station, One mighty bang, and life itself  collides with death, as happens impregnation. Death […]

  • Interaction with the police is never pleasant for a commoner and a peasant (somewhat like me). Even less so is waiting for their decisions regarding your future. In such a troubled state art oftentimes helps spill out accumulated emotion, I’ll put it here for maybe someone will identify with it for sense of community is […]

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