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4 sans-papiers escape Palaiseau CRA 16/12/12

4 sans-papiers who were detained at Paiaiseau CRA (detention centre), south west of Paris, escaped last night (16/12/12), reports Le Point.

According to sources, around 7pm on Sunday an officer was called by a detainee to the common room to sort out the TV reception. When he arrived, he was surrounded and knocked to the floor by 5 detainees. They took his magnetic badge which is used to access different parts of the CRA. While the officer was held down by one detainee, the 4 others went to the delivery area of the centre, climbed the fence and escaped.

The detainee who had helped the escape of the four has been placed into custody. Police and the gendarmarie are still searching for the four escapees  – an Algerian, a Romanian and 2 Tunisians.

The CRA of Palaiseau is a male-only centre with a  capacity of 40 places. In 2011 750 foreigners in ‘irregular situations’ were detained there, mostly Romanians, Tunisiens and Moroccans. It was renovated in 2011 and is surrounded by a 4.5m high fence with movement detectors and surveillance cameras.

New 450-capacity migrant prison to open soon at Schiphol, NL

On Friday 30th November 2012 a certificate was signed by the Dutch government and the PPI-consortium Poort of Schiphol confirming the completion of a ‘justice’ complex in Schiphol Noord-West outside Amsterdam. Since then various parts of the ‘justice’ system have moved into the complex.

The new migrant prison (“detention centre’) there has around 450 places for new and ‘failed’ asylum seekers and people without papers. Zaandam and Oude Meer (Schiphol Oost) detention centres will be closed and dismantled.

The monument to the 2005 Schiphol Fire, currently outside the Oude Meer detention centre, will be moved to anothér location nearby.

March from refugee camp to UNHCR, Vienna, 10/12/12

For the last two weeks there have been around 50 refugees in a protest camp in Vienna.

Tomorrow afternoon (10/12/12) people from the camp. alongside supporters, will march from the camp to UN HQ.

The demands that the refugees want to present to the UNHCR are:

* We demand the right to asylum for all our reasons of flight. As in our countries, there is no safe life for us due to many different reasons.

* We demand the right to work.

* We want access to German courses and to professional education.

* We don’t want to live in isolated camps, but in places with human conditions.

* If Austria refuses to accept us, we demand from the institutions of the UN to support us to get our fingerprints deleted so that we can travel to a safe country where we can live and stay.