March from refugee camp to UNHCR, Vienna, 10/12/12

For the last two weeks there have been around 50 refugees in a protest camp in Vienna.

Tomorrow afternoon (10/12/12) people from the camp. alongside supporters, will march from the camp to UN HQ.

The demands that the refugees want to present to the UNHCR are:

* We demand the right to asylum for all our reasons of flight. As in our countries, there is no safe life for us due to many different reasons.

* We demand the right to work.

* We want access to German courses and to professional education.

* We don’t want to live in isolated camps, but in places with human conditions.

* If Austria refuses to accept us, we demand from the institutions of the UN to support us to get our fingerprints deleted so that we can travel to a safe country where we can live and stay.

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