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Swiss citizens criminalised for accommodating sans-papiers

More and more Swiss citizens are being condemned for accommodating migrants under their own roofs, reports L’Hebdo.

Accommodating someone without papers is forbidden under article 116 of the federal law on foreigners, punishable with a fine or up to a year in prison. In 2014, 875 people were prosecuted under this law, compared to 582 in 2012.

The stated intention of this law was to punish people traffickers, but since the law came into force in 2008 few traffickers have been punished.

A similar law in France (“délit de solidarité”) was annulled in 2013 after complaints from associations helping migrants in Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

Demos in Geneva against deportation

On Thursday 26th March, around 30 activists went to Geneva airport to protest against a deportation of migrant Ayop Aziz, reports Demir Sönmez on his blog. The police reacted heavy-handedly, handcuffing activists and removing them from the airport.

Yesterday, Saturday 28th March, more than 200 people gathered in the city centre to protest against the Ayop’s treatment and continued imprisonment.  Following the demo, almost 100 people went to demonstrate in front of the prison where the migrant is being held.

Ayop suffered injuries during a fire at a migrant reception centre in November. You can read more about that (in French) here.

According to latest information, the Swiss government is planning to organise a charter flight to deport Ayop and a number of other migrants to Spain.

Demo against asylum profiteers in Bern, 05/05/12

Yesterday, Saturday 5th May, 300 people demonstrated in Bern against an underground asylum lager (camp) run by the private company ORS Services AG. 160 asylum seekers are living there in inhumane condition with 40 people sharing a room, with no money and no cooking facilities. The organising commitee, which includes people from other lagers in the canton (region) of Bern who have already protested against the conditions they have to live in, promised that will be the first of many demonstrations against asylum profiteers. See photos and a report (n German) here.