Current actions

Julian Assange remains at the Ecuador Embassy despite being granted political asylum. The UK will not allow Julian safe passage and are standing firm on their decision to extradite Julian Assange.

Supporters are keeping a vigil outside the embassy here:

Flat 3B, 3 Hans Crescent
London SW1X 0LS

Julian will be making a public statement on Sunday 19th August at 2pm from the Embassy window. The vigil will need to be maintained leading up to this and afterwards. Please encourage all you UK contacts to get to the embassy when possible.

Please take resources from our demo kit if you can and help keep up a visible presence. Engaging the passers by in conversation about WikiLeaks is an important action- go armed with the facts!

You can contact the embassy regarding the asylum claim:
By telephone 0207 590 2503
By email

One of the biggest concerns for Julian Assange is that the US have/will request further extradition from Sweden to the United States. Currently they must request the consent of the UK Home Secretary Theresa May in order to do this. Ms May has been asked to confirm whether such consent has been requested and/or to assure Julian that she would not agree to his further extradition. She has remained silent. Urge your MP to comment on this by using this template letter and send in your responses.

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