The Nasty World of the JSA Sanction!

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The Nasty World of the JSA Sanction!

Came across this today. Seems there is a clause in the Welfare Reform Bill which will negate people from claiming assessment rate during reconsideration if ESA is stopped by ATOS forcing them onto JSA. Bastards.

No ESA for claimants who want to appeal


Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Bill promotes competition for services, reversing the recent successes of co-operative, joined-up, efficient services that benefit patient care


Lansley’s bill paves the way for wholesale privatisation of the NHS. Tell him where to go with his competition! Show the government how co-operation works! Join us in protest against the Health and Social Care Bill

Meet at 11.45am Outside A&E St Thomas’ Hospital Lambeth Palace Road London SE1 9RT


False Economy     Haringey Alliance for Public Services

Meeting for all London’s local boroughs anti-cuts alliances Wednesday 7th March, 7pm
Camden Town Hall – Judd Street, WC1H 9JE (near Kings Cross): Room 4 – venue fully accessible – NOTE NEW VENUE.
To promote communication, solidarity and co-ordination. Reports of local anti-cuts campaigning, plus local angles on London-wide anti-cuts struggles (eg NHS, housing, welfare, industrial disputes etc). Active members and reps of all London’s local alliances and coalitions, and supporting organisations, are welcome.

Memorial demo for Murdered 21-year-old Russian Antifascist Nikita Kalin – 25th February

Nikita Lives!
Urgent: This Saturday 25th February, London Antifascists will be laying a wreath at the International Brigades Memorial, Jubilee Gardens SE1 (Southbank) at 1pm to commemorate our fallen comrade.

We encourage all antifascists and radicals to join us. The nearest station is Waterloo.

Anarchist anti-fascist murdered in Samara, Russia friends and family need support

Nikita’s family and friends have a lawyer from a human rights organisation, but they still need money to help pay for the funeral. If you cannot make it to the memorial demonstration, please consider donating to the funeral fund via Moscow Anarchist Black Cross.

The Art of Protest – A Day of Skills Sharing

Saturday, 3 March 2012
10:00 until 20:00

The cuts are biting, the economy is faltering, and UK Uncut needs to grow in strength. Bournemouth Uncut are proudly hosting “The Art of Protest”. This free event will be a fantastic day of skills sharing; training in the core aspects of what it takes to be an organised direct action network.

We have invited key organisers from UK Uncut, Occupy and Green and Black Cross who will facilitate workshops and training in:

• How to organise direct actions
• How to run an effective communications campaign
• Knowing your rights / legal observing
• Tips and tricks in organising

This is a massively important opportunity for people from all around the region to come together and start planning for future Uncut actions in the South.

For any more information please get in touch

Poole labour club 22 Wimborne Road Poole, BH15 2BU United Kingdom
Right by Poole railway station.

View map / Get directions

Russian Antifa framed – call-out for solidarity.

Nizhny Novgorod anti-fascists need your solidarity and support! A call for coordinated actions around the world on March 16–18, 2012

Friends and comrades!
We, the anti-fascists and anarchists of Nizhny Novgorod (Russia), appeal to concerned people around the world. The political police (the Center for Combating Extremism or Center “E”) have fabricated a criminal case against our comrades. Anti-fascism has been outlawed in our city. We need your solidarity and support!

Full story here:

Facebook group

Benefit Party for Russian antifascists Friday 24th February 19:00
London Action Resource Centre (LARC), 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London E1 1ES

The Black Rose hosts Jeff Monson in London; Sunday 25 March 2012

London Action Resource Centre (LARC), 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London, E1 1ES. 17:00 until 19:00

The Black Rose Martial Arts Cooperative is a Free martial arts training group, based in the London Action Resource Centre (LARC)
Jeff Monson – World famous mixed martial artist, antifascist and anarcho-communist will be at LARC on Sunday 25th March 2012 to talk about politics and martial arts.

There will be food and drinks available, and donations/money raised will go into the upkeep of LARC and the Black Rose Martial Arts Cooperative.

Jeff Monson’s Wikipedia entry facebook event

Victory for the Electricians! – Congratulations from the London IWW GMB

17/02/2012 | London IWW GMB – In what could be a major breakthrough for rank and file action, Balfour Beatty has withdrawn the imposed ‘BESNA’ contracts at the heart of a 7-month dispute. Balfour Beatty and six other construction companies were aiming to scrap longstanding pay and conditions arrangements and impose new contracts on sparks and other workers, involving deskilling and cuts in pay and allowances of up to 35% – with threats of dismissal for those not signing up.

Read article here


Friday 17 Cleaners Demo against NTT Communications CANCELLED

London, 16/02/2012 -IWW Cleaners and Allied Trades | Once again vindicating the IWW mottos – “An Injury to One is an Injury to All” and “Don’t Mourn – Organise!” – the Fighting Industrial Workers of the World Cleaners and Allied Trades Union today gained yet another victory notch on their belt against unscrupulous bosses!

Read article here

DVLA office closures protest, please note revised date.

PCS members under threat of redundancy at a local DVLA office are staging a lunchtime walkout in protest over govt plans to close 39 offices around the country. It will take place on Thursday, February 14th between 12:30-1:30pm at the Bourne Valley, Branksome office. If you can, please get along to show your support and solidarity.

You can also take part in the consultation process here and contact your MP via Write to Them

Action for the NHS, 5th Feb

A joint action by Wessex Solidarity, Bournemouth uncut, B.P.A.C.C. and Occupy Bournemouth, on a rather chilly but pleasant Sunday afternoon in the centre of tory Bournemouth – I must stop calling it that, it’s only a matter of time.

Our numbers were depleted by a variety of last minute car and family problems but we were joined by some folk from Occupy London. We met up at Flirt Cafe, who were good enough to let us spread our seditious leaflets around the premises. The new banner got an outing and we gave out upwards of 700 leaflets, got some template letters signed and generally got a good reaction from the public. ‘The joys of syndicalism’ went down surprising well (thanks, Trev); I mean, people were actually stood around reading it! We must have got rid of 100 of those. A good turnout for the evening Wobblies film and discussion rounded off the day.

The day in pictures:

and then, there’s this:

Greek hospital now under workers control.

Can’t top that!

Picket your local Pizza Hut

IWW members at Pizza Hut in Sheffield have called for a day of action against Pizza Hut, and their continual failings to engage with organised workers. A continuing dispute over bank holiday pay and delivery drivers commission, has not reached a satisfactory conclusion despite our continued attempts to discuss this with management and their reassurance that they take us seriously. As a result we have decided to hold a day of action against Pizza Hut, where we will be holding a protest outside our Sheffield store, and we encourage, and request that, other IWW branches and supporters to do the same. This will be held on the 4th of Feb at 1pm. We intend to keep it going as long as our energy allows. We also believe that this will allow Fellow Workers the opportunity to organise Pizza Hut workers around the country.

Pizza Hut Workers’ Union Pizza Hut Union US Solidarity!

London event pizzahutleaflet PizzaHutPetition Pizza Hut Action

Pizza Hut stickers