The tellytubbies are coming to Chelmsford!

Despite a bizzare coalition of locals telling them to fuck off: check this out!
Posties, teachers, tories, trots, UKIP, god-botherers, in fact, just about everyone in Chelmsford except the eddles themselves and the BNP, not to mention weird little fash groups like the casuals, CFX etc who all hate each other – can’t remember why but I think it was something to do with football, or grassing each other up, or having their fingers in the till or each others kids. Don’t you wish you had an ideology to argue about?

Assemble at 11.30am 18th August at Tindal Square CM1 1LX.

Contact your local Antifa, get the muslamic ray guns on charge, ease up on the soap and we’ll see you on the streets comrades, should be a good ‘un!

Rrrright, now! Ahahaha…

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