Hastings Solidarity Federation launch meeting Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Hastings Solidarity Federation launch meeting

Our members in Hastings are launching a new Local. Tuesday, 9 October 2012 at 19:00, venue tbc. There is a Facebook event here.

If you’re interesting in joining the Solidarity Federation, or you’re just curious what we’re about, please come along.

The Solidarity Federation (‘SolFed’) is a revolutionary union initiative: a working class organisation which seeks the abolition of capitalism and the state. If you’re a worker (employed, unemployed, disabled, retired…) and think that this life doesn’t give you everything you deserve and that your work does not let you develop yourself, if you want a world without capitalism and hierarchy, then there are good reasons to join the Solidarity Federation.

You can also get in touch with SolFed members in Hastings via the site contact form

Fucking Plebs!

If you want something built, demolished, repaired, recycled, generated, wired, programmed, installed, mined, refined, designed, tested, measured, fitted, cut, counted, cast, moulded, machined, welded, polished, painted, plumbed, plastered, roofed, floored, glazed, tiled, filmed, photographed, printed, written, performed, transmitted, recorded, reviewed, rescued, woven, stitched, bandaged, vaccinated, x-rayed, delivered, taught, cared for, served, answered, assisted, advised, adjusted, dug, grown, mown, picked, packed, stacked, shipped, shifted, displayed, distributed, brewed, cleaned or cooked; ask a Pleb…

If you want someone to flog it and piss off with the money ask a tory.

Say it loud: I’m a Fucking Pleb and proud!

We’re fucking great aren’t we!

Autonomy Film show in Bridport: Sunday 7th October 2012.

7.00pm for 7.30pm, St. John’s Ambulance Hall, Rax Lane, Bridport.
£3 entry (less if you’re skint)

Our future film dates, Bridport
Sunday 11th November, 2012.
Sunday 9th December, 2012.

Other Events
25th September South Somerset Peace Group meeting
Speaker; Chris Cole from the Drone Campaign.
Minster rooms, Illminster.
All welcome – entry £3, including tea/coffee and biscuits.

2nd October: Bethlehem – A city besieged

St Andrews Hall, Yetminster, DT9 6LG.

5th October Lectures on Everything
Speaker; Aviva Tolkovsky,  ‘New Ideas About the Life and Death in the Brain’
Marsh Barn
West Bay.
8.00pm, £6 entry.

Mass action against EDF’s plans for a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point:

Sat 6th October Bridgwater Town Centre March & Rally
Assemble King Square 11.30 am
March through town centre 12.30am
Rally at Cornhill with speakers, videos and music 1.30pm

Mon 8th October Day of Action at Hinkley see http://stopnewnuclear.org.uk

Fri 5th – Tues 9th Camp near Hinkley Point

To co-ordinate lifts to Hinkley or to join the film list: autofilm1@gmail.com

Lib-dem conference and Anarchy in Brighton.


The start of this year’s Libdem conference was met by a noisy march and demo called by Brighton Stop the Cuts and the local Trades Council. Speeches followed, the final one being given by a member of the Solidarity Federation who called on those present to join us in shutting down workfare in Brighton. For the rest of the afternoon, the centre of town was dominated by anarchosyndicalists, their friends and comrades. Red and black flags and banners were ubiquitous the length of London road as members of SF locals Brighton, Bristol, Croydon, North London, Solent, South London and Thames Valley picketed workfare parasites and handed out thousands of leaflets to the staff and shoppers. Two branches of Poundland were picketed along with Argos, Costa’s Coffee, Primark, and Superdrug. We were also graced with a visit from Brighton’s lonely fascist photographer who fucked off after a group of anarchists decided to picket him.


Brighton Benefits Campaign:  Austerity demo & mass workfare picket


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nZ9TL-5D6s?rel=0]

Australian Dominos Drivers: Bristol Solidarity Federation Action


Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation’s (Australia), call for action, saw Bristol SF picket the Dominos store on Whiteladies Road, Bristol. This solidarity action was in support of the campaign for wage justice for delivery drivers who have had their wages cut 19% arbitrarily by Domino’s Pizza Enterprises management.

The Bristol Local members held the red and Black banner across the store’s door and handed out leaflets to passers-by. We had taken time to explain to the workers inside the store the reasons for our solidarity action and gave them a copy of our leaflet. Our anger is against profiteers who steal from workers not other workers.

Our actions soon attracted the attention of Dominos management. Sent out to investigate was the companies regional manager. He accussed us of not understanding that his company is a francise and not being directly related to the Australian company had no control over their pay policy. We insisted that any attacks on a member of the IWA would not be tolerated. His company trades under the same logo as the Australian company and therefore had to share some corporate responsiblity. How Dominos organises the structure of their stores is of no interest to us. We were later informed that news of our protest had been passed on to the UK master francise holder.

Two other interesting conversation happened outside of the store. Firstly, an Australian women came and thanked us for showing soldarity with Australian workers. She told us that on returning home, she would share news of our action on the Melbourne community radio station she works at, so we know the message of our support will get back to Australia.

The next offer of support came from the Bristol West Labour Party’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate. We explained to her how we wouldn’t be voting labour! She was last seen cycling away indignantly shouting “I don’t have blood on my hands” and “I wasn’t even in the Labour Party in 2003” Clearly rattled when it was mentioned how Blair had bombed the hell out of Iraq. Shame we won’t get that promised link from her website now.

Across the world other actions have taken place. Currently we have news of protests held by FAU in front of Domino’s Pizza in Langenfeld and Bonn. While the CNT-AIT (France) took the message to stores in Caen, Clermont, the Paris
region and Toulouse.

Solent Solfed picket Domino’s Southampton

Members of Solent local of the Solidarity Federation picketed Domino’s pizza in Bitterne Southampton as part of the International Day of Action in support of Australian delivery drivers of  the General Transport Workers Association. Some interesting conversations were had with staff and public (hello Eddie!)

A communications blockade will follow on Monday 17th.

Report from our comrades in Caen, France

Actions In Support of Domino’s Delivery Drivers Australia

Saturday 15th September, International Day of Action In Support Of Domino’s Workers: A5 pdf Leaflet here:

I.W.A. sections and friends around the world will be picketing Domino’s premises. Find one near you or join:

Bristol Solfed: Gathering at 12.00 for a 12.30 start, for one hour, 119 Whiteladies Road,  BS8 2PL opposite Clifton Down Railway Station.

Brighton Solfed: meeting at 7pm at the bottom of Trafalgar St

Monday 17th September Fax and Phone Blockade:

Domino’s delivery drivers in Australia have received a 19% pay cut to their wages this year. Domino’s Australia made $105 million in profits last year.  There is no need for a paycut.

E-mail Dominos directly

The union of the Australian Domino’s delivery drivers is closer to the bosses than it is to the workers it claims to represent and went along with the company’s cuts just to maintain their good relationship with Domino’s management. Now Domino’s drivers in Australia are stepping up and fighting back without their old union. They’re moving on to form their own worker-controlled union, the General Transport Workers Association, (part of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation-International Workers Association), so that they can reverse the 19% pay cut and gain some real power and respect on the job.

Phone or fax the Head Office of Dominos in Brisbane.
Free faxes can be sent from here: Choose Australia as the destination country then add the local number.

Fax  (+61) 736333399
Telephone  (+61) 736333333
If you send a fax to the telephone number they will just hear a short series of beeps, but it will cost them money and time to answer the phone and it will block the phone line.

Cut and paste and send this message: On Saturday 15th September, during the International Day of Action, you can also send this message via the Dominos Australia Facebook page or paste it on their timeline or their website feedback page:

The Dominos Australia Feedback Line is (+61) 1800 805 888

Relevant contacts, facebook pages etc.

An anarchist argument for left unity – By Mal Content.

“Are you the Judean Peoples’ Front?”

“ – Fuck off! We’re the People’s Front of Judea…” etc.

That sketch always gave me a proper belly laugh having been around Marxist groups in my youth which had a tendency to splinter into miniscule fragments before my eyes; but anarchists? – Surely not – oddly enough I had a very similar conversation with a group of delegates at a certain social centre last year …Read article

Part 1 of an occasional series provisionally titled: A possible strategy for social revolution.

EDL leadership turns suicidal

‘Beer leader’ Stephen Yaxley-Lennon has called on his squabbling minions to set aside their differences and return to Walthamstow on the 27 October – yes, the same day as the London Anarchist Bookfair!

It remains to be seen how many of the dejected looking eddles we watched being poured onto trains at Blackhorse road will want to return to East London with 3000 plus anarchists and antifa just 10 minutes up the road, but we anticipate a repeat of the Brighton ‘casuals’ fiasco. 30-40 fascists will skulk around trying to get heavily refreshed without drawing attention to themselves – which they will spectacularly fail to do.

Last time they declined to liase with the police some of them never made it out of the hotel, but it was only 3 o’clock in the afternoon so maybe they were having a lie in.

From what we’ve seen Walthamstow residents are more than capable of taking care of themselves, but feel free to give us a bell if you want a hand, it’s what we’re here for.

Anarchists – always happy to help!

Autonomy Films present: The Trials of Henry Kissinger.

The Trials of Henry Kissinger
2002, 1hr 20mins.

7.00pm for 7.30pm, Sunday 9th September 2012.
St. John’s Ambulance Hall, Rax Lane, Bridport.
£3 entry (less if you’re skint)

While America publicly commemorates September 11th, this documentary draws attention to a less sympathy-grabbing aspect of US history.

Christopher Hitchens presents the case for prosecuting Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State under Presidents Nixon and Ford, for complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity – including assassination, kidnap and torture – in Indochina, Bangladesh, East Timor and Cyprus, as well as the Chile military coup of 11th September 1973.

For his efforts he was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 1973.

DPAC (Disabled People Against the Cuts) and UK Uncut team up for ‘The Atos Closing Ceremony’ and a secret action occupying the DWP HQ.

The day started in Paton Square, a tense atmosphere was building with many people waiting in anticipation of the secret action. While the protest in Paton Square was in full swing with an attendance of 400, around 30 disabled and able-bodied activists entered the DWP HQ in Westminster. The activists inside locked on and made their demands for Iain-Duncan Smith and Maria Miller, while being supported by activists outside blocking the door with a banner. More people turned up in support of the action, and UK Uncut announced the action on Facebook gaining over 3000 shares. The main Atos Closing Ceremony came to a close with those in attendance moving to the DWP building to support the action they had all been waiting for.

A heavy-handed approach from the Met lead to several protestors being injured, including a wheelchair user suffering a fractured shoulder, and minor scuffles broke out as protestors attempted to keep the entrance blockaded. Only one arrest was made, of a man who was inside occupying the building, he came out to inform the Police that their tactics of pushing and shoving to gain a Police line was crushing and injuring protestors, he went peacefully and was taken to Charing Cross police station.

The Atos Closing Ceremony and DWP Action brought a close on a week of action against Atos, with both DPAC and UK Uncut promising more actions against Atos and DWP until this multimillionaire ConDem government stops penalising sick and disabled people for a crisis they did not cause.

UK Uncut Films – http://vimeo.com/48640242
Sky News Report and video (Worth the watch, spot the Wessex Solidarity members) – http://news.sky.com/story/979371/disabled-protest-over-fit-for-work-tests
Live stream of the day – http://bambuser.com/channel/alburyj

Fash struggle to get it up in Walthamstow – but the cops still love ‘em!

The far-right’s tactic of marching their piss-artist ‘street army’ into places where they have no constituency whatsoever has finally run into the law of diminishing returns, it now seems the only people who still want to see fascists on our streets are the police.

Fewer than 200 eddles emerged from Blackhorse road station, and a sit-down protest by We Are Waltham Forest, kettled by babylon at the junction of Forest Road and Hoe Street, stopped them in their tracks. For the next 5 hours they were herded in ever-decreasing circles around the back streets, fighting amongst themselves. Locals and Antifa covered the area in small groups causing the cops to block one road after another. Unable to reach the rally point where their leaders were besieged by a hostile crowd, the march was turned back to the station. We gathered again to see them off, and after seemingly endless police manouvres, a sorry-looking and much depleted handful of drunks shambled past us.

Once again the state proved itself entirely complicit; as the fascists approached the junction an AFN banner was unfurled ouside the kettle, and plod reacted as if we’d produced an RPG, trying to take it off us then shoving us back into the wall. A firework-throwing fascist was allowed to proceed whilst one of our comrades was held for 12 hours for allegedly responding with an empty plastic bottle, another was witnessed being punched in the head after having been handcuffed.

What’s more, its worth noting that the the labour council allowed the EDL to put up a fucking gazebo in the town hall! We can’t see them doing that for anarchists or our local anti-cuts group; in fact the council have been having a pop at the anti-cuts group for even doing stalls.

The EDL is a spent force, and like the capitalist system that spawned it, survives only by the intervention of the state; but as capitalism breathes its last fascism will continue to be peddled as an alternative, mainly because it’s easier to sell to thick people than freedom. The imperative to stamp out bigotry in our communities and unite the working class is greater than ever.

If any FIT are reading this, you’ve got better pictures of our lovely banner than we have; send ’em in and we’ll give you a credit, ta.

Picture gallery

Indymedia UK: Very few EDL show-up in Walthamstow

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