1 thought on “Young Persons Called to Private Grand Jury for Owning Books

  1. there is a lesson to be learned here…

    we live in times of representative democracy.
    it’s obvious that the representatives in the u.s. democracy are not representing the people, but the country.
    the country would never allow people to call for true democracy as being a direct democracy or anything close to that (switzerland for example), because the public would have a say on all decisions made by the country. we all know that in the u.s.a. the opinions and needs of the population, because the general public is not allowed to have opinions and needs, because all u.s. citizens obey the state, they have no opinions and needs. so if the u.s. were a true and direct democracy, no one would vote on anything, because americans don’t have opinions and needs they could vote for. here comes the obvious…
    this means that if an actual democratic system would be installed in the u.s. no one would participate leading to non-governance and, yeah, you know it: anarchy

    what do we learn?
    anything that promotes thoughts that would lead the u.s. away from a dictatorship hidden in a representative democracy with fixed elections leads to anarchy (terrorism, communism, whatever -ism the enemy of the state is at the moment)

    what should we do?

    there’s a lot to be done… i’ll just give a few examples that could keep you safe and “free” (free, when used in quotation marks always refers to the american meaning of the word free of course):

    obey the state and its representatives.
    sign up for voluntary work at a fema camp in your vicinity
    do not learn to read.
    do not learn to count.
    do not buy technology.
    be a good slave.

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