Anti-fascism in Sunderland – From N.E. Anarchists.

Fascists Attack – We Fight Back! – Sunderland 6/10/12

“…Liberals are deluded if they think we should “turn the other cheek”. WE SAY BOLLOCKS. Fascists attack – WE FIGHT BACK. The local Asian youths did themselves – and our city – proud with a great display of militancy and courage. That is exactly what the anti-fascist movement needs if we are to move beyond merely symbolic victories to actually sweeping the fascist scum off our streets. The UAF control of the march was a problem and the UAF proclaiming a victory on the megaphone against the fascists before the EDL/SDL had arrived was and is fantasy, if anything it was around a score draw taking everything into consideration…”

Good work comrades!

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