Pubs to avoid: the Borough Hotel, Southend-on Sea.

Today, 30-40 anti-fascists prevented an EDL meeting in Southend. Nazi scum forced to hide in pub.


On 15th June, The Bough Hotel Pub management explicitly insisted that they were more than happy to serve and host racists. A regional EDL ‘meet and greet’ happened there that day. The manager of The Borough Hotel, Nicola Tiney is an EDL member.

Here is the statement that appeared on their Facebook page:

“For everyone who has wrote to the borough hotel this EDL meeting has not interfered with any of the reggae gigs and never will, it has nothing to do with supporting them, nothing racist was said while they were in the pub and nothing was said to offend anyone if that is the way you feel were sorry to offend anyone but business is business. If all these people complaing were regulars then i could understand that its offending them but they only come down for the reggae gigs as i said business is business.”

The pub had a profitable sideline hosting reggae bands, not any more!

This is a fascist pub, used and run by fascists. Let’s shut them down!



TELEPHONE NUMBER: 01702 466936

ADDRESS: 10-12 Marine Parade, SS12EJ, Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

1 thought on “Pubs to avoid: the Borough Hotel, Southend-on Sea.

  1. I live in Southend on Sea, and used to drink in the Borough Hotel, when it was still the Liberty Belle. I lived there for a while, back a few years now. It used to have Rage Against The Machine, and System of A Down on its jukebox, among other freedom inspiring metal tunes. My mates and I used to love its history as a rockers pub, and I got on well with the old staff.

    It changed a few years back though. The old bar staff and management have been slowly cycled out, and now… Now the place is a crap hole, full of lager louts and fascist scum. These b*stards have sullied a place I used to consider home, and remember fondly. I couldnt be more full of righteous indignation than I am now, not without having a stroke anyway.

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