Two blogs for the price of one!

After being offline for a week without explanation, the blog at is back up. In the meantime we created a new one at just got it in shape and changed all the literature…

Today we received this message from the time being we’ll keep both running and see how it goes, we can’t be reliant on something that can disappear for a week for no reason. We like network23 as it’s actually meant for activists, but it has limited storage space and some files are too large to upload, so we’ll host all the larger documents on the wordpress one, the library, pages and links menus will be kept identical but we probably won’t bother with wordpress re-blogs on the new site unless it’s something really important.

We will continue to bring you radical news and views from Southern Britain and around the world; we will continue to stir it up with a broad stick.

Sometimes antisocial, always antifascist!

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